Friday, 24 October 2014

Fox News host unleashes shocking message

Fox News host unleashes shocking message, While most of the country is busy trying to get voters — and in particular, young ones — to the polls for the upcoming mid-term elections, Fox News co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle seemed to have a different message this week for young women: Don’t bother going. During an episode on Tuesday of The Five, Guilfoyle said young women should be “excused” from their civic duties so they can “go back on Tinder and” She added that young women don’t have the proper “life experience” such as having kids and paying bills that allows older women to make informed decisions, whether in the voting booth or the courtroom. “They’re like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world,” she said. After this story was published, Guilfoyle clarified her remarks on Thursday's episode, saying that she did think it was important for young women to exercise their rights to vote, but that they should educate themselves on the issues before they do so. "My point is you’ve been given a powerful blessing in life in this country to be able to vote and to be able to sit on the jury so come equipped, come prepared because you don’t want to dilute the votes out there because you are uninformed and you’re spoon-fed something that’s inaccurate or you don’t even bother to equip yourself with the facts – anybody out there, this goes for everyone,” she said. Her initial statement led to an immediate outcry from politically active and plugged-in women who pointed out that young women are, in fact, involved in the democratic process and worried about issues beyond what their online dating profile picture looks like. Statistics show that young women — and really, women in general — vote in slightly larger numbers than their male counterparts, according to Mindy Romero, the director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. The issues they’re concerned about range from access to health care to ending pay inequality and gender discrimination. Jess McIntosh, a spokesperson for Emily’s List, which helps Democratic women get elected to office, says, “I have a job where I get to see a lot of really awful things said about women and this really shocked me in a way that I haven't been shocked in awhile. Republicans have a hard time with messaging to young women specifically, but to tell them to just stay home is the most insulting thing they could do. Young women are some of the most concerned and engaged segment in the electorate that's out there. The idea that they're hot and running around without a care in the world isn't found in reality.” Most likely, Guilfoyle’s statement was politically motivated: The young female vote skews Democratic, something many Republican strategists are aware of. “Hers is not a neutral political statement,” Romero says. “Only white, married women skew Republican. Unmarried women, women of color, and single moms skew Democratic. These groups are all more economically vulnerable, and more likely to be supportive of issues that are on the Democratic platform, like education, social services, and a social safety net.” In 2012, single women voted for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 36 points, and many experts say that single women could be the deciding factor in many of the upcoming midterm elections. Romero also points out, however, that Guilfoyle might be making a tactical mistake. Voting is habit forming, and telling younger women to stay home is a good way of not ever getting them to polls. This means they won’t go even when, according to Guilfoyle’s logic, they’re old enough to make those informed decisions that come only from paying bills or having babies. “If you start voting while you’re young, you’re likely to continue to be a voter for the rest of your life,” Romero says. “If you don’t, it’s harder for voting to become a regular thing. If you choose to ignore younger women, you are setting older women up to have a less of a voice in the electorate someday too.” Beyond that, experts said it’s unsettling that the older woman’s message to women still finding their way in the world was basically to tell them not to get more involved. “It's just so profoundly sexist to suggest that young women are incapable of understanding the decisions they make in the voting both, and it's extra disappointing to hear a women saying that,” McIntosh says. Romero agreed: “I think it terribly discouraging and irresponsible for anyone to make that argument, but particularly a high-profile woman who has a platform that could be utilized to encourage young women to have a greater voice. In fact, she’s discouraging them.”

Saturday, 28 April 2012

2012 April product recalls

2012 April Product Recalls

2012 April product recalls
– Consumers saw everything from dog food to almonds to grass trimmers recalled this month. These are the April recalls Keep reading to see what other products were pulled from store shelves in April.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Arsenic in Baby Food

Arsenic in Baby Food

Arsenic in Baby Food - You may think you're being extra-healthy when you chose foods labeled "organic," but some of these products contain arsenic, a compound that may increase the risk of cancer, a new study says.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Braille Burgers

Braille Burgers

Braille burgers - Restaurant launches Braille burgers, A popular fast-food chain has created 15 different kinds of Braille burgers so that blind people can "see" their food. Each burger has a Braille message spelled out on the bu to describe the sandwich.

 The burgers have become so popular, that many blind customers are now speaking out about them. South African fast-food chain, Wimpy, has come up with an unique campaign to let the visually impaired know they offer braille menus in all of their restaurants.
The hamburger joint had chefs use tweezers to individually apply sesame seeds to soft dough to spell out messages in braille like "100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You."

Fast food restaurant Wimpy has made special “braille” hamburgers, with sesame seeds on the buns spelling out messages in braille, according to a report on Thursday.

Beeld newspaper said 15 braille hamburgers were made for a video to market the restaurant’s new braille menu.
The video shows chefs carefully arranging the sesame seeds on each bun, to spell out different messages in braille, such as, “100 percent real beef burger made for you”.

The burgers were delivered to Braille Services, Louise Braille House and Blind SA.

The video shows how blind people laugh as they read the messages and then enjoy the burgers.

Another fast food restaurant, McDonalds, recently made headlines after a blind woman was turned away because she had her guide dog with her.

Air Jordan Shoe Collection Stolen

Air Jordan Shoe Collection Stolen

Air Jordan Shoe Collection Stolen - Man loses entire Air Jordan collection, A North Carolina man reported that his $10,000 collection of Nike Air Jordan shoes was stolen from his home. The man says he had been collecting the shoes since he was in middle school. He also says all of his baseball hats that matched the shoes were taken as well.

A Charlotte man has reported that his collection of 30 pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes has been stolen.

WCNC reported Friday that Bryant Toala, 22, had begun collecting the sneakers since he was in middle school.

Police say someone broke into a home Monday night and took all the shoes, which were all in boxes.

Toala says the shoes could be worth more than $10,000.

He says a collection of baseball hats that matched the shoes also was taken.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say they have no suspects.

Govan School Transgender

Govan School Transgender

High School Teenager “Trapped In A Boy’s Body” Kicked Out Of School For Rockin’ Girly Gear To Class
Govan School Transgender - School 'expels' teen for dressing like girl, Seventeen-year-old Jaime Love is a boy who says he identifies more as a girl. His notoriously rough school, however, could apparently not abide the teen coming to class dressed in a skirt, tights, hair extensions and makeup; and this week school officials reportedly "expelled" the boy.

Jamie Love returned to Govan High School wearing make up, hair extensions and tights after the Christmas break. The 17-year old says he’s been humiliated and picked on because of his life choices. Govan High says it has no objections to his clothes, but there are concerns over his attitude to his studies.
Jamie said: “When went into the class, everything was fine and then the teacher came and got me and then took me into the school and asked me what I was trying to do to the school. Then they said: ‘You shouldn’t be dressed like that.’
“Then two deputies came in and said my time at Govan High was over and then I got my stuff and had to leave. I asked if I could come back as a boy and they said no.”
Jamie, who prefers to be called Keirny, has been a pupil at Govan High for the past six years. The school says he has neither been expelled nor suspended but has been asked to leave because of his poor attendance record and his attitude to his studies.

The Situation Lawsuit

The Situation Lawsuit

The Situation Lawsuit - 'Jersey Shore' star sued, “Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is being sued by clothing company Serious Pimp, which alleges that Sorrentino didn’t hold up his end of the bargain in a social-media promotion deal.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is being sued by his former managers for $1 million for firing them without cause.
According to the lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court on Thursday, Gotham NYC Entertainment "successfully managed Sorrentino and helped transform his career from relative obscurity to become an international celebrity."
Gotham says it began managing Sorrentino's career in the autumn of 2009 and executed a management agreement with him in March 2010, effective from December 1, 2009. (Jersey Shore premiered on MTV on December 9, 2009.) The agreement was to last for two years with options to renew for additional one year terms. Gotham got a percentage of Sorrentino's earnings, according to the complaint, regardless of whether the activity was procured by Gotham.
There were some outs for Sorrentino in the agreement. In the event of termination without cause, Gotham allegedly would continue to get its fees and monies until the expiration of two-year deal. Sorrentino could also terminate with cause, but with the obligation of making 30 days notice and entitling Gotham to "cure any alleged breach."

On May 4, 2011, Gotham got a letter from Sorrentino's attorney that terminated Gotham "effective immediately" over "the lack of performance by Gotham."
Gotham says this didn't comply with the 30-day notice provision of their agreement. It's seeking damages for breach of contract.
Sorrentino is reportedly going to leave Jersey Shore to pursue a career as a film actor. He also recently dropped his trademark lawsuit against his father over the alleged exploitation of his fame on a website. According to TMZ, his father apologized, pledged to cease such activity, and have his partner cough up $5,000 to settle the case.