Monday, 16 January 2012

Govan School Transgender

Govan School Transgender

High School Teenager “Trapped In A Boy’s Body” Kicked Out Of School For Rockin’ Girly Gear To Class
Govan School Transgender - School 'expels' teen for dressing like girl, Seventeen-year-old Jaime Love is a boy who says he identifies more as a girl. His notoriously rough school, however, could apparently not abide the teen coming to class dressed in a skirt, tights, hair extensions and makeup; and this week school officials reportedly "expelled" the boy.

Jamie Love returned to Govan High School wearing make up, hair extensions and tights after the Christmas break. The 17-year old says he’s been humiliated and picked on because of his life choices. Govan High says it has no objections to his clothes, but there are concerns over his attitude to his studies.
Jamie said: “When went into the class, everything was fine and then the teacher came and got me and then took me into the school and asked me what I was trying to do to the school. Then they said: ‘You shouldn’t be dressed like that.’
“Then two deputies came in and said my time at Govan High was over and then I got my stuff and had to leave. I asked if I could come back as a boy and they said no.”
Jamie, who prefers to be called Keirny, has been a pupil at Govan High for the past six years. The school says he has neither been expelled nor suspended but has been asked to leave because of his poor attendance record and his attitude to his studies.


  1. I don't think thid boy should've been treated the way he was n school he's made a decicision to be different so what ppl we all have our own choices n life and if that would've been my son being treated that way i think i would've took that school to the cleaners its obvious he wasn't thrown out because of him missing school ot any other excuse they used he was thrown out because he came to school dressed the way he wanted to dress and thats wrong!!! We as ppl should'nt judge others especially children and the school should've talked with the child instead of treating him like he was a piece of nothing i have 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl and no i've never experienced my kids doing anything like this boy done but i sure the hell don't appreciate how his school went about there actions. To the school and everyone who works there u all should be ashamed and to the boy that was treated poorly i'm very sorry u were'nt treated better than u should've been best of luck to u.:)

  2. hmm, I think the school made the right decision they asked him to leave. Having taught for over 18 years, I can say any off the wall clothing, apparel, or attitude can destroy the atmosphere of a classroom. If he had dressed in this manner for the 6 years while he attended the school, than it would of been accepted as the norm for that student, but to change mid year and return after Christmas is just courting disruption. I am wondering if this was a private school or public school. My hope is that Jamie "Kiery" decides to continue his studies either at an alternative school or home schooling. I applaud his desire to be who he wants to be, but I think he will be happier in an educational setting that he is more comfortable with, that puts less emphasis on his attire and more on his intellect.