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Casey Anthony Dating Partying

Casey Anthony Dating Partying

Casey Anthony Dating Partying - Casey Anthony partying again? There are reports that Casey Anthony, 25, who was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, has gone back to her partying ways. Anthony released a video diary claiming she's living alone in hiding. However, friends of hers say she's been seen in public often and even dating again.

"The story of Caylee Anthony has made national news. Its a heart wrenching story with twists and turns like no other. The trial is set to start this month and it is very sad to think that this has been going on longer then little Caylee was even alive, her mother has been in jail on murder charges for close to three years now. In this post i run through the ins and outs of the case, though I left out a few things, there just so much to go through in this case. So here it is my tribute to little Caylee Marie."
The mother daughter feud:
Cindy Anthony has always felt that Casey had resentment for her, after all Cindy held Caylee before even Casey got to. Cindy even pushed her unwilling daughter into motherhood, Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption. Casey always felt as if Cindy loved Caylee more then her, and the two fought often. Casey is known to steal money from friends and family and that makes Cindy no different. George Anthony said that Casey had taken money out of Caylee's piggy bank on a few occasions. Even Cindy's mother and brother both tell Cindy that Casey is a sociopath and that she shouldnt be trusted. After Cindy finally hunted down her daughter and brought her home, Casey told her brother Lee, "mom says I am an unfit mother, and you know what maybe shes right, maybe I am an unfit mother". And after Cindy told Casey that she was going to sue her for custody and throw her out and keep Caylee, Casey fled her home, with Caylee in tow.

The days of Bella Vitta:
In the month after Casey fled her home she was thought to have a job and a nanny. We know now that not either one of those things are true. Casey spent this month partying and was staying with her boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, at the this time. Casey was also given by her friend Amy Huizenga, use of a car. While Amy went away for a few days, Casey used her car, and her checking account too. Casey cleaned out her friends account to the tune of $400. She was seen on tape with her boyfriend at a Blockbuster with no Caylee. She is seen in a Target, shopping for beer and food, with no Caylee. She goes out partying to a few night clubs, with no Caylee. She spends a few nights with her friends, with no Caylee. A few of her friends and her ex fiance say that they did ask her where Caylee was, and she told them that she had so many vacation days at work that she took off and that the nanny was keeping Caylee for a little while. That was a better circumstance, she said. Casey would say one day that Caylee was spending the day at Sea World with the nanny, or that she was sleeping at her nannies house. And let me just throw it out there that not ONE member of the family has EVER seen or SPOKEN to this "nanny".
Zanny the Nanny:
Casey reported to her mother whenever she called her that she couldn't talk to Caylee because she was to busy or that she was with the nanny. The nanny was named Zenida Gonzalas. Or as Casey called her, Zanny. In a transcript of IMs between Casey and a boy she was talking to, she does talk about the nanny, and these messages take place in May of 2008, before Caylee went missing. So in my own opinion Casey was using the nanny for a while when she was really just chloroforming the child to sleep. Casey says that Zanny was her nanny for about a year and a half. But again not one person aside from Casey has ever seen her. Police can't even track her down or have any proof that she exists. They turned up only one women by that name in the area and she has been cleared of knowing anything. She filed a suit against Casey claiming that she tarnished her name. But Casey has stated that this women is not the same women who lives at the Saw Grass apartments where Casey claims she last saw Caylee. She says that the women is about 25 years old and very pretty. Casey says that when she went to pick Caylee up from the sitter that her apartment was empty and her phone was off. She claims to have gotten a call from her telling her that she should come meet her at Jay Blanchard Park. Casey says she went there and saw that Zanny. Zenida's sister was also there with Caylee and the sisters own children. They told her that they were keeping Caylee because she was a bad mother and if she told anyone they would hurt her family. This is just a lie. Casey made it all up, why would she take a child from a mother because she was unfit as a mom, just to kill her?

Chloroform and Neck Breaking:
Police had taken Casey's computer to look through anything that might help them find Caylee. Instead they uncovered Google searches on how to make chloroform and how to break necks. She was also all over dating sites and missing kid sites. Cops also found a few pictures, one in particular that was of a young girl looking at a teddy bear that was hanging from a noose around its neck that says, " why do people kill people, that kill people, to prove that killing people is bad?". They also uncovered a conversation where Casey is talking to a lover who later turned out to be a cop that worked at the local police department. He was fired when he lied about his relationship with Casey. In the convo it seems he does nothing but beg Casey to come over, but never says to bring Caylee. He is always telling her to find a babysitter or leave her with the nanny or her mom, but Casey always has a reason why she can't. She tells him "Ha, you want me to bring over the little snot head? Didnt think so". It sounds like she was making an attempt to get this guy to accept Caylee, but he says "i meant when she was being occupied by another adult". casey's im chat
Can I Borrow a Shovel?:
One of Casey's neighbors, Brian Burner, called the LE in the case after the info went public that Caylee was missing saying he had some info he thought they might need. He claims to have seen Casey at her house during the afternoon of the 16th of June. He was doing yard work and Casey had come over and approched him saying that she did not have a key to the families shed and she really wanted to dig up a bamboo root that she kept tripping over, could she borrow a shovel? She returned the shovel about two hours later. He noticed that the shovel was pretty much clean and so where her clothes that she had had on when she first came over. The next day he was sitting on his couch, he says that from his couch he is able to see the front of the Anthony's home and was able to see Casey's car back into the garage. He says that he parents must not have been home because if they where, Casey would not have been able to back into the garage. He reported to see her and her car about three times that week. This was after she had left the house after a fight with her parents and so I can not understand what was so important about digging up a bamboo root.
Casey claims that the reason behind the wait to report Caylee was due to Zannys threats to hurt the child and her family if she talked. She claimed that she was doing her own "investigating", looking around local places and placing phone calls. On July 3rd Casey's mother posted this on Casey's Myspace blog :"She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?" I do believe that Cindy knows what Casey did. This is before, a while before Cindy tracks down Amy and sets out to find Casey. The picture to the right is of Casey Anthony during this 31 day time period. She is the one in the blue dress.
A Pontiac Sun Fire:
Casey Anthony's car was found left in a parking lot and towed. The tow company called her parents to ask if they wanted to pick up the car.When they arrived to pick up the car they smelled something coming out of the car. George Anthony, Caseys father told the tow guy that he was scared to open the trunk. He said the smell made him think that either Casey or Caylee or both, could be dead inside. But he did open it and he said it was the worse smell he has ever come across, and being a retired law enforcer he would know this smell to be that of decomposing flesh. Back before Casey was found and Caylee's where abouts where being questioned, Casey sent her friend Amy a text saying that her dad must have ran something over with her car, that a dead squirrel must be plastered on the frame of the car somewhere. Even she couldn't deny that her car stunk, of deadness. After the car was taken back to the parents house they left the doors open to air it out and Cindy called 911 shortly after telling them that "somethings wrong, i found my daughters car today. It smells like a dead bodies been in the damn car". So everyone in her family acknowledged this smell. After cops got their hands on the car they looked through it for evidence. They found a strand of hair with the death band on it, a stain in the trunk made out of fatty acids (fatty acids leak out of your body when your dead), traces of chloroform, and the smell was able to be captured as a "air sample" and was tested and confirmed that it held components of human decomposition. They also found a coffin fly. The air sample is junk science according to the defense, who keeps filing motion after motion to have pretty much all evidence thrown out. But the judge is allowing it into evidence as well as the stain that's shaped like a toddler in the fetal position. After Cindy found Casey and everything came out she was on TV saying how the smell came from a bag of garbage that was in the car baking in the hot summer sun of FL.Cindy is a nurse, she knows the difference, and she lied about it. Thats probably why both parents sought out immunity. That and the evidence she destroyed after she washed clothes that where in the trunk of the car.
Casey Anthony was 1st arrested on child endangerment. She was arrested because it was felt that she showed little concern for the well being of her 2 year old daughter. With her lack of concern, and the fact that she waited so long to report the child missing, and her robbing her friend of $400, she was set at bail for $500,000. She went on and on about how unfair it was that she was arrested. You can view and listen to all her court phone calls. You can hear her say how everyone is so worried about Caylee and no one even cares that shes stuck in jail. You can hear her beg for her boyfriends phone number and how shes all alone. She complains that she has no control and that everythings been taken from her.She says that she thinks she can find Caylee if she could get out of jail and so a bounty hunter named Lenord Padilla posts bail for her. She sits home on her computer instead of doing what she says and Padilla says he will pull her bail. Instead she gets re-arrested on murder charges. Shes been in jail for almost three years now.
The ramains of a small child were found less then a mile away from the Anthony home on Dec. 11, 2008, 5 months after she was reported missing. A meter reader named Roy Kronk saw something when he went into the woods to pee. He called 911 and reported it, for the second time. He had called it in in August, and police shrugged it off. A privet detective that the Anthony's hired was also filmed searching this same spot prior to the discovery. The place Caylee was found in is of controversy, the spot was not searched during the man hunt for her, this is because of the storms, that section was under water. One women claims to have searched there and found nothing, which would mean she was placed there after Casey was placed under arrest. This will all be discussed at trial along with the duct tape that was found over the mouth and over the hair of the skull. There was also residue left on the duct tape over the lips, and it was shaped like a heart, and a tiny heart sticker was found on the floor close by along with a Gatorade bottle, a siring, and a few toys and Caylee's blanket with her remains. A search of the families home turned up a laundry bag similar to the one Caylee was found in and also the same type of garbage bags that she was found in (she was in a garbage bag inside a laundry bag).. Also in the garage, the infamous gas can, with peices of duct tape stuck to it. The duck tape that was found around Caylee's skull, was a special kind of tape, but it was on that gas can. A search of Casey's room turned up a sheet of heart stickers similar to the one that was found in the area. After one of Casey's childhood friends where interviewed she came forward to say something that is very chilling and could be a big blow to the defense in on its own. A friend named Kiomarie Torres says that the spot where Caylee was discovered used to be a hang out for her an Casey years ago. They used to bury deceased pets back there and they would either draw hearts or put stickers on the bags.Casey was in jail on the day that her daughters remains where found. She was taken into the nurses section of the jail where the TV was on and playing live coverage of the discovery with tents up and sierns and lights all over the place. A guard at the jail says that Casey almost fell off her chair and started to hyperventilate. She started to cry and asked that her attorney be called she needed to talk to him, and asked for xanax. There is a video of this reaction, but the tapes have been sealed.
A memorial was set up for Caylee and Casey was not allowed to attend. I don't know if you've seen, but I did, and in my opinion it was more like a plea to the public to clear Casey. Her whole family backs her up. Her brother Lee gave the speech that kind of knocked everyone down, it was pretty aparent that his speech was for his sister and many people have asked if its possible that he could be the bio father of Caylee. DNA proves that he is not, and Caylees father is unknown, though Casey claims he passed in a car accident before Caylee was born. "CMA," he said, using Caylee's initials — which are the same as those of his sister Casey Anthony. "I miss you. I love you. I'm so proud of you. It's been so long since I've seen you." Casey did not even ask to watch the memorial on TV and issued a statement that she did not agree with the memorial.
Casey's Statment- I miss Caylee every day and every minute of every day. I can't be there for Caylee's funeral, but some day I want to go and visit her grave and tell her how much I miss her.
I allowed my parents to be in charge for the funeral for Caylee. I told them I wanted her buried in a casket and I wanted there to be a gravestone so I could go and visit her. I asked them if there could only be a private funeral for just the family.I know they cremated her. I still don't want a public event with cameras and everybody around for Caylee's service, but I can't stop my parents from doing what they want. I truly hope that it will help them.

Letters to Casey:
In jail Casey lives a pretty good life. She has many loyal fans that send her money and offer to marry her and all kinds of nonsense. She is able to buy types of things that are considered a luxury in jail. All of her letters are read and some of them have been entered in as evidence. In one letter that her mother sent her she talks of knowing that Caylee is still out there and that once Casey gets out of jail they will look for her together. This letter was written to Casey long after the remains where found and after the memorial service. It is kind of mind boggleing and I can't give you an explanation for this. A few of the letters that she gets from her admirers are a little distributing. A few people tell her that there is no way she could not be guilty because she is way to pretty to so something like this. Others are from guys who say that they want to marry her and be there for her. Casey made friends with an inmate at the jail shes in. This inmate came forward to say that he and Casey had been writing letters to each other in jail and passed them through a guard that worked there.

Jail Mates:
Casey became friends with another fellow inmate at the jail shes being held in. They started to pass letters and talk about their lives. These letters are included in court documents and you can read them. In fact everything I am talking about is online and ready for you to read, you see the wonderful state of Florida has a law that anything that gets put into evidence is public property and can be shared with the media and the public. In the letters Casey talks about how great of a mom she was and how she wants to adopt another child down the line. She also says people tell her she looks like Alyssa Milano and that shes famous now because her picture is in the news all the time. The inmate, Robyn Adams, went to law enforcement and told them everything she knew. She told them that in a letter about the discovery of Caylee, Casey said she was found in a black garbage bag with her baby blanket- something only the suspect, certain law enforcement personnel and the certain medical examiner’s personnel knew. She also admitted to using medicine to knock Caylee out so she could go out at night, but never said what she used. In most of Casey's court appearances she does not even cry, the only time that she has cried was when she hasn't gotten her way. If she is found guilty she will get the death penalty because the baby had duct tape around her mouth and because of her age. Casey refused a plea bargain. I will be following the trail and I am going to keep it posted here.

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