Thursday, 12 January 2012

John Castle Breaks Waiters Finger

John Castle Breaks Waiters Finger
John Castle Breaks Waiters Finger - Millionaire allegedly flips out, breaks waiter's finger, Millionaire CEO 'breaks waiter's finger' for bad service at private fine dining club John Castle, a 76-year-old millionaire, reportedly became so fed up with the service at a private dining club, he broke his waiter's finger. According to reports, Castle flipped out when the waiter delivered the check and then grabbed and twis.

A 76-year-old leveraged buy-out king allegedly responded to bad service in an exclusive restaurant by breaking the server's finger.
John Castle was so outraged that the waiter, Paul Kucik, 57,brought out the bill without him asking for it, that he allegedly grabbed his hand and twisted his finger until it broke.
The successful financier was with his wife Marianne at Club-Colette, a private dining club in Palm Beach, Florida when server Kucik gave him the bill - after he claims Mrs Castle had asked him too, reports the Huffington Post.
The waiter told the police that Castle became so enraged that he yelled 'You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?" before grabbing his hand, says the report.

He allegedly began 'squeezing and twisting' his fingers 'and only stopped when Mr Kucik freed himself from the tight grip, according to a police report.
Kucik said he later began to experience 'excruciating pain' in his fingers and later went to the doctor who x-rayed his hand.

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