Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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Michelle Williams lashes out over Beyoncé birth

Michelle Williams lashes out over Beyoncé birth, Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams  had some tough words for fans who recently criticized her on Twitter  for not publicly congratulating her ex-bandmate Beyoncé on the birth of her and husband Jay-Z's child, Ivy Blue Carter. Williams' message: "Get a LIFE!!!"

Former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams has had enough of people trying to pry into Beyoncé's baby blabber.
While everyone and the mothers wants to know more about Blue Ivy, Williams is urging for Bey and Jay's privacy.
She hit the Twitter-verse and tweeted the following:
This is a beautiful, precious, private time between two people and excitement is to be expected but Not disrespect!
When criticized for not tweeting any congrats, Williams did not take that lightly.
Let's get One thing straight… I do Not have to say congrats to someone when they're Not on twitter… Especially when I talk or email them all the time… or when I'll be physically present as well… so harrassing (sic) and stalking my timeline to see if I've mentioned something is Pointless!!! My friendship with people aren't (sic) always for twitter display. Respect that and get a Life!!! Enjoy this Fine day!!! God bless!!!!
Every celeb and their mama congratulated Beyonce on the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, including Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Russell Simmons.
Not on the list? Beyonce’s former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. Folks on the Interwebs are now wondering what’s up.
“In response to one follower who suggested she needed to send a message of congratulations, Williams tweeted: “Let’s get ONE thing straight….I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they’re NOT on twitter. …ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time….or when I’ll be physically present as well.”
“My friendship with people aren’t always for twitter display,” Williams continued. “Respect that and get a LIFE!!! Enjoy this FINE day!!! God bless!!!!”
In a follow-up Tweet, Williams said, “This is a beautiful, precious, private time between two people and excitement is to be expected but NOT disrespect!”

The former Destiny Child’s, Michelle Williams said how excited she was for Beyonce and Jay Z’s new arrival.

She said in a recent television interview, “I am so excited for she and Jay. I am ready to take on any responsibilities within reason - babysitting is cool. The great thing about babysitting is you can always give the child back to their rightful parents.”

Beyonce who was spotted in New York a few days ago STILL pregnant, despite rumours that she had already given birth has kept relatively quiet throughout her pregnancy, but her friend and ex-band member Michelle Williams made a few predictions.

“I’m sure that child will be absolutely spoiled rotten. It better have some talent – I know that! I think it will be a really gifted child.”

Despite her friend’s pregnancy Michelle, who has five nieces and nephews and three godchildren said she has no plans for children of her own. The singer turned theatre star joked,“Broody?? Oh nooooo! I don’t know what they were thinking, personally.”

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