Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hulk Hogan Surgery

Hulk Hogan Surgery
Hulk Hogan Surgery - Hulk Hogan’s surgery goes wrong, A spinal cord injury treatment was necessary to fix Hulk Hogan’s back. Wrestler-turned-TV-personality Hulk Hogan recently went for surgery on his mouth. Unfortunately, something went wrong along the way, and the muscle-bound star says that he just had to have a hole drilled in his face because a doctor left a metal tack in his mouth

hose who participate in sports and athletics run the risk of doing severe damage to their backs. Hulk Hogan received necessary surgery on his spinal cord injury last Wednesday and according to TMZ, he is doing much better than expected.
In fact, the professional wrestler is doing so well that he was released from the hospital soon after the treatment was completed just in time to enjoy Memorial Day weekend.
No information has been released to the press about what type of spinal cord injury Hogan was suffering from or what caused it in the first place. A source close to the family said that doctors removed bone spurs that became loose along his back, but it is unknown whether or not the injury is wrestling-related.
The surgery used to treat his spinal cord injury took three to four hours to complete and so far, the Hulkster seems to be taking it in stride. He was doing so well after the surgery that doctors released him from the hospital the same night.
Hulk Hogan is not the only celebrity to have back surgery recently. Last week, U2′s lead singer Bono underwent emergency spinal cord surgery for an injury he sustained while preparing for the band’s upcoming summer tour.
Celebrities are not indestructible. They are just like everyone else in the world and should do everything in their power to avoid spinal cord injuries. Whether you are an internationally known rock star, a legendary wrestler or a person reading this blog, your spinal cord is a fragile part of your body.
Treat it with tenderness and care!
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