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Hulk Hogan surgery

Hulk Hogan surgery

Hulk Hogan’s surgery goes wrong, Wrestler-turned-TV-personality Hulk Hogan recently went for surgery on his mouth . Unfortunately, something went wrong along the way, and the muscle-bound star says that he just had to have a hole drilled in his face because a doctor left a metal tack in his mouth
Hulk Hogan has had major laser surgery on his spine after collapsing.

Hogan, who admitted he was living in constant pain, was seen on his daughter’s reality TV show in a Florida hospital after suddenly collapsing because his legs went numb.

Neurosurgeon Juan Uribe told him he had “serious problems” with his spine, and Hulk admitted the pain was “44-7″ and was so bad he could hardly stand up for more than a few minutes at a time.

“We’ll get you better,” his surgeon James St Louis told him. “You’re not going to be as you were when you were 20, but the idea is to get it better so you can get a better quality of life.”

The star insisted that he felt better almost immediately after the laser procedure.

Hulk Hogan has posted gory snapshots of his post-back surgery stitches on

The 57-year-old wrestling icon checked into a Florida hospital to undergo major surgery last Tuesday, just a week after marrying fiancee Jennifer McDaniel on 14 December.

The procedure was scheduled to repair an ongoing issue with the star's spine, which has become progressively worse in recent months.

Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, has been recovering steadily over the festive season following the operation on his back and he has been updating his online followers about his condition, accompanied by a series of photos showing the surgery scars, with captions including, "This was my Christmas present", and "I'm tired of being cut".

He adds, "I had to get my spinal cord straightened out. It was about nine hours. They made a two hour mistake with a drug... they gave me by mistake

TMZ has learned Hulk -- who recently re-injured his back collecting seashells -- had a spinal chord stimulator inserted into his back during a "very, very painful" procedure at a Florida hospital.

A spinal chord stimulator is a device that is inserted below the skin, and uses electric currents to alleviate the effects of chronic pain.

Sources close to Hulk tell TMZ he's "upbeat" about the SCS -- and hopes he'll be allowed to go home soon

Listen to exclusive audio of Hulk Hogan fresh off his recent back surgery direct from his hospital room

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