Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ghost Town (video)

Pripyat River (Ukrainian Prip'yat) - abandoned city in Ukraine, on the banks of the Pripyat River, 3 km from Chernobyl. A popular place for stalkers.

General reason the city's foundation was the construction and subsequent operation of one of Europe's largest nuclear power plant, Chernobyl - city-forming enterprises, which gave the title of the city of Pripyat atomic scientists. Pripyat was the ninth in the Soviet Union atomogradom.

According to the latest census carried out before the evacuation (November 1985), the population was 47 thousand 500 persons, and includes more than 25 nationalities.
The announcement of the evacuation of Pripyat, April 27, 1986.
Attention, attention! Dear Comrades!

The City Council of People's Deputies reported that in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat fared radiation environment. Party and government bodies, military units are taking the necessary measures. However, in order to ensure full security of people, primarily children, there is a need to hold the temporary evacuation of residents in the settlements of the Kiev region. For this to every apartment building today, the twenty-seventh of April, beginning with fourteen zero zero hours, buses will be filed, accompanied by police officials and representatives of the City Council. It is recommended to take with them documents that are urgently needed items, as well as in the first case, food. Heads of enterprises and institutions defined the terms of workers who remain in place to ensure the normal functioning of enterprises in the city. All houses in the period of evacuation will be protected by police officers. Comrades, temporarily leaving their homes, do not forget, please, close windows, turn off electrical and gas appliances, water tap. Please remain calm, organization and order during the temporary evacuation

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