Friday, 4 March 2011

Kebabs and other swill sold

Kebabs and other swill sold on the street around the world
 Who has never tasted a delicious barbecue skewer cat sold on the street? The smell and taste are delicious but have you thought about the origin of meat and how the seller prepares the barbecue? Honestly I never worried too much, you wonder if the care that the person has to prepare food that I never eat anything sold on the street, you simply have to have a bit of detachment of this kind of concern and eating believing that nothing will happen to your digestive system, you must have faith.Each country has its own culture and each culture has its own cuisine, in all countries can find food being prepared and sold on the street. See some photos of delicious snacks for sale in some countries:
We begin by China, which charmed the world with its exotic cuisine disgusting:
And to accompany the delicious chicken feet, what we have?

Tip: Licking the hole of the eye out a delicious broth.

 They say some Chinese dishes are good for health, kabobs pig nose for example, are great for smell:
And for those who enjoy seafood such as these tasty kabobs starfish? Continue reading ...

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