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Actors and historical characters

Actors and historical characters
Stars who portrayed historical figures
We’re all intrigued by the lives of history’s most famous people, and so is Hollywood. John Travolta is the latest star to take on a historical role as a notorious American mobster. Check out this list of actors and actresses who dared to imitate real-life characters.

John Travolta
The former greaser won’t have to extend his acting range much to inhabit the character of a man nicknamed “Dapper Don” Gotti (check out his mug shot), not to mention the most powerful crime boss in America during the 1980s.
Johnny Depp
In 2009, Depp captivated audiences when he played a Depression-era gangster  who rose to “Public Enemy No. 1” status for his dozens of bank heists.
Cate Blanchett
Sixteenth-century England was the setting for this 2007 film, in which Cate Blanchett depicts the rise of a young queen. The film earned the actress international attention and lead to many major movie parts.
Elizabeth Taylor
In this 1963 classic, Elizabeth Taylor was said to be completely immersed in the role of the alluring Queen of Egypt that many said she was born to play. Though, the $44 million dollar film nearly bankrupt the studio.
Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix portrays a troubled and legendary country singer in this biopic. Did he actually sing those famous tunes? Watch his famous prison performance.
Meryl Streep
In the City of Light with her husband in the 1950s, Streep’s boisterous character struggles to find something useful to do. After a go at hat-making and bridge, she stumbles upon a vocation that changes the eating strategies of millions of Americans.
Tom Hanks
The year is 1970, the mission is dangerous, and an unlucky number seems to be sending three men to their demise in outer space. It’s a story of survival, heroism, and faith and Hanks shines as the captain.
Robert Redford
Jason Robards and Hal Holbrook played alongside Redford as a crusading reporter in this riveting drama set in the nation’s capital. This true story had all the makings of box office gold: crooks, cold trails and a mysterious whistle blower
David Strathairn
Strathairn played a crusading broadcast journalist in the 1950s whose series of TV news reports lead to the censure of a certain Wisconsin senator . The film was written by a Hollywood leading man.
Helen Mirren
As the monarch the Commonwealth realms, Mirren’s character refuses to honor the death of her son’s very popular ex-wife.The resulting turmoil causes friction with a politician played by Michael Sheen
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx  won an Oscar for his moving portrayal of a singing legend who suffered an impairment since the age of 7. Listen to one of his most famous songs
Henry Fonda
An American director famous for his westerns directed Fonda in this tale of a future president’s salad days in an Illinois city.
Kirk Douglas
Douglas won a Golden Globe for this 1956 biopic of one of the world’s most talented–and impoverished–artists. It’s directed by the father of a famous female singer and actress
James Stewart
A famous American director both wrote and directed this 1957 film about one of aviation’s greatest heroes.Stewart’s character had a fitting nickname.
George C. Scott
Francis Ford Coppola had a hand in crafting the story behind this 1970 classic, in which Scott portrayed a World War II Army officer. Much of it was set in the second-largest continent.
Anthony Hopkins
A legendary scandal brought down the embattled 37th President of the United States, portrayed by Hopkins in this 1995 film, which was nominated for four Oscars
Denzel Washington
In an Oscar-nominated role directed by Spike Lee, Washington plays a troubled youth who becomes a controversial human rights leader, and later assumes the name El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz.
Robert Downey, Jr.
This 1992 movie also starred Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd and Kevin Kline, who played one of the most famous actors of his day.A blood relative of the tragicomic figure Downey portrayed was also included.
Andrew Lloyd Webber won an Oscar for best original song  in this 1996 musical about the famous wife of an Argentinian president, played by Madonna
Sean Penn
Penn won the top acting prize for his role as the first openly gay man elected top public office in this 2008 biopic.

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