Tuesday, 31 May 2011

india ban deoderant

india ban deoderant
india ban deoderant. Television channels in India have been ordered not to broadcast "overtly sexual" deodorant adverts that use female models in racy storylines.
The channels have been given five days to modify the offending adverts or take them off air.

"The ads brim with messages aimed at tickling libidinous male instincts," India's information ministry said in a statement.

None of the companies named by the ministry have so far responded.

The ministry said that the adverts offended "good taste and decency" and appeared "indecent, vulgar and suggestive" by subtly sending a message that the products "arouse women's sexuality".

It said that they portrayed women as "lustily hankering after men under the influence of such deodorants".

"The depiction and portrayal of women in these ads is overtly sexual."

The ministry argued that the adverts violate India's advertising code, which states that "cable operators should ensure that the portrayal of the female form... is tasteful and aesthetic and within the well established norms of good taste and decency".

Correspondents say that none of the companies concerned is likely to respond in public to the ministry's move because of the sensitivities surrounding the issue.
'Not objectionable'

There are several advertisements in question, including one in which a woman finds a man's deodorant so stimulating that she begins to undress.

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