Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Laura Ingraham and apology

Laura Ingraham and apology

Laura Ingraham and apology. Radio host Laura Ingraham has said that she has accepted Ed Schultz’s apology. It ought to be mentioned that Ed had called her a “right-wing slut” and “talk slut” on his own radio show on Tuesday. This had infuriated a number of people, as they felt that the comments were uncalled for. Later Laura also reacted on Fox News about the unappreciative comments and said that it is a very unhappy situation that the women have to put up with such abuse.
MSNBC also didn’t take Ed’s comments lying down and they suspended him for a week and that too, without pay. Later Ed Schultz also had to apologize over his scandalous comments.

Later Laura said to Fox News’ that, “On my radio show this morning I said apology accepted — he apologizes — I’m going to accept his apology. I’ve got to say it’s sad but I — I wasn’t all that surprised. This is what I think conservative women — and to some extent African-American men who happen to be conservative — and even Latinos who are conservative routinely deal with. And — and I don’t — I’m not good at playing the victim.”

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