Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Romo Crawford Wedding

Romo Crawford Wedding
Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his bride Candice Crawford appeared relaxed Friday night as they strolled through Lee Park on the eve of their big wedding.
They pulled up in a charter bus loaded with family and friends. The sign on the front window said, “Crawford Wedding.”

Crawford, a former TV sports reporter, was wearing a summer dress and was carrying flowers.

Romo walked beside her and appeared to joke with members of the entourage. Among them: Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and former Cowboy Bobby Carpenter.

As caterers and wedding planners hustled to get everything ready in two big portable buildings, people who live around the Turtle Creek park took it all in.

Michael Maxwell, a hospital executive, said he can't believe how big the wedding looks.

"I've seen a lot of weddings here before, but none of them with any buildings like that,” he said. “They have them out on the lawn a lot, but nothing like this."

As for the couple, they're not talking this close to the ceremony.

But earlier this month, Crawford revealed a little about their big day.

"We're really excited,” she said. “It's coming up fast. We're trying to keep it as private and personal as possible. But you dream about this as a little girl."

At a golf outing earlier this week, Romo said he's leaving most of the planning to his bride.

"Candice has a lot of help,” he said. “There are a lot of people, so I put my two cents in whenever there is music to be determined or things of that nature."

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