Friday, 24 June 2011

Ashley Cole wearing wedding ring

Ashley Cole wearing wedding ring
Ashley Cole wearing wedding ring. Ashley Cole sparks Cheryl reunion rumours after wearing wedding ring. Ashley Cole has sent out the biggest hint yet that he's on the verge of winning Cheryl back after he was spotted wearing his wedding ring despite their marriage ending last year.
The couple split last year amid allegations the Chelsea footballer bedded a string of women behind Cheryl's back.

But even a divorce doesn't spell the end for Ashley, 30, as new pictures reveal him showing off the £200,000 diamond-encrusted band he was married with on his right hand as he partied with pals.

Cole is apparently so sure he can win back the Geordie singer's affections, he's told friends 'I'm close to winning back Cheryl,' according to The Sun. This move seems to be a desperate attempt to show Cheryl he is still very much in love with her despite how he treated her during their marriage. A close friend added: 'It's his way of saying to Cheryl that she is his only true love and he thinks they are close to getting back together.'

But it seems Ashley's efforts might not be in vain as he has reportedly been on the phone to 27-year-old Chez on a nightly basis, comforting her following her getting sacked from the US version of the X Factor and then refusing to return as a judge on the British show.

Added to which, there are reports that he has just cancelled a holiday to LA on Cheryl's request.

He was due to fly out next week, when the Parachute singer would have been there for the X Factor, apparently for make-or-break talks.

This isn't the first time it's been rumoured Cheryl and Ashley could be rekindling their love.

The day before the Girls Aloud singer jetted across the pond to begin her US X Factor duties, she was spotted popping over to Ashley's mum's house to say goodbye, which led to rumours that she still felt connected to her ex.

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