Thursday, 29 September 2011

Brazil wants to ban Gisele's lingerie ad

Brazil wants to ban Gisele's lingerie ad

Brazil wants to ban Gisele's lingerie ad,the ad name Gisele's lingerie ban by Brazilian Ministry for Women, featuring model Gisele in lingerie,this featuring model Gisele Bundchen giving her

husband bad news while she's dressed in lingerie .In a statement, the agency said it thinks the ad is sexist and reinforces the stereotype that women are sex objects.

The ad features the model trying to figure out how to deliver bad news – wrecking the car - to an off-camera husband. Suddenly the ad freezes, and a “wrong” sign appears, the model appears again, this time wearing only Hope underwear, and uses her charm and nakedness to distract the husband from the bad news.

The Ministry for Women said in a statement that the campaign “ignores the progress made in ending sexist practices,” as well as “represents discrimination against women.” The ministry was outraged that the Bundchen and Hope underwear is sending the message “that sensuality can melt any man” and “encourages Brazilian women to use their charms… to minimize the reactions of their husbands.”
Hope released a statement saying they had a “clear and well-defined goal to show, with good humor, that the natural sensuality of Brazilian women, which is known worldwide, can be an effective weapon when giving bad news” and that being a women’s undergarment company, it would be “absurd” to take “any stance that devalued our customers.”

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