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Interesting facts about cocktails

In this post we'll talk about cocktails. Not on those of 30-40 rubles per half liter, rolled up in aluminum and not about the children who through milk. And about the ones that on there, adult beverages, a variety of ingredients which are alkogolesoderzhaschie fluid.
As usual in the science of history, there are many versions of the same. Narimer when and where the cocktail was invented. One of them is connected with the history of cock-fighting, which was distributed in 19th century England. To provoke fighting cocks before the competition, the British gave them the so-called "cock-beer" - a mix of hard-alcoholic drinks and bitters. Maybe that's the English word «cock - ale», means "rooster beer," got its name this cocktail.

But the British also give their fans racing legend - say, the word "cocktail" has been borrowed from their vocabulary. So in short they called unpedigreed horses from the fact that the tails sticking out from them like a cock.
Right to be called home to cocktail contest, in addition to the UK and other European countries. If you believe the French wine and other alcoholic beverages are mixed with might and main in the 15th century. This amused the French province of Charente. These mixtures are called coquetel («koketel"). And it seems like this is the drink later brought the French officers in America, where it then spread around the world.
There is another French-American version of the origin of the cocktail. The author of the cocktail, according to this version, can be considered an American pharmacist, a Frenchman by birth, by name Peysho. In his institution, which opened in 1875 in New Orleans, anyone could try mixed drinks of brandy, bitters and sugar. These drinks were served in glasses of unusual shape, called its inventor Peysho French word «coquetiers». Subsequently, the Americans pereinachili this word in its own way and became known as contrived mixture Peysho "sosk-tey».
Do not lag behind in this debate and the Spaniards, pushing their version of the origin of the cocktail. They believe that the ancestor of the word "cocktail" can be considered a Spanish expression that means "rooster tail". So named for the resemblance of one of the root of the plant. The expression spread to America through one of the bartenders who worked at a place Kempeche on the Gulf of Mexico.

The bartender that somehow, somehow stirred the drink this spine. When one of the American sailors, seeing the process of mixing said - "what the hell?" - Pointing to the gnarled root of black - "and it is generally eprst, is it?" The bartender replied meekly in English "am-m .. this is just cock tail" ... fate unknown bartender ..
But there is one story that relates the origin of "cocktail" and "tail rooster." This story belongs to the most Fennimoru James Cooper. According to him, the first cocktail was prepared in the 70s of the XVIII century the troops of General Washington's canteen-keeper Elizabeth Flenegan. Once she gave officers a drink of rum, rye whiskey and fruit juices, wine glasses decorated with feathers from the tails of fighting cocks. One of the officers, a Frenchman by birth, at the sight of such decoration glasses, exclaimed: "Vive le cog's tail!" ("Long live the cock's tail"). This is half French, half English phrase you liked all laughed and started calling all over mixed drinks "cocktail" - a cock's tail.
In general, theories about the origin of the word "cocktail" versions of himself and a great many. Perhaps, we can only mention the most fun of them. Certain Latin American princess has decided to treat Khoktel his guest - an American an unusual mixed drinks. Guest drink much, but, mistaking the name of the princess with the name of the drink, he began to call it "cocktail."

These are the most common version and legends associated with the history of the cocktail. From all this it becomes clear one: cocktail - an American in spirit drink. This flowering kokteyletvorchestva fell on times of "prohibition" in America, when people tried to drown out the smell and taste of alcohol by adding non-alcoholic ingredients. And then there were all the most famous classical recipes of cocktails, which we use to this day.
Experts say that the Soviet Union came to cocktails in the era of Stalin (by the personal commitment of the leader of all time alkogolesoderzhaschim herbal vitamin drinks), well, for ordinary citizens - cocktails were spread about in the early 1970s.

C years varied design cocktails, feed method, recipes. Now there are over three thousand different recipes. Well, to make a cocktail at home requires very little: the presence of alkoglya, mixer (or shaker), as well as their own recipes for "rooster tails". Some of them further and we'll tell you.
Recipes of the three most popular cocktails

I'll start, with your permission, with his most favorite cocktail:

Long Aylendsky Tea / Long-Island Ice Tea

Cocktail, one dose is enough for excessive talkativeness, and the second to cotton in the legs, usually finishes third liver and brain to accept it. The taste and color, and flavor - not to take any - a cold, a little krepkovaty tea. Because so called. There is a version that was first invented cocktail during Prohibition, and was named - according to these properties. Another dryish version - that the cocktail was prepared for the first time in 70 years of XX century Bendiksenom Chris, a bartender in a nightclub in Smittaune, Island, Long Island.

And the most beautiful (in my opinion) version is - Cocktail Long-Island Ice Tea was invented by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy - wife of slain U.S. President John F. Kennedy. They say she is quite fond of times and even sometimes frequent - to abuse. And abused Jacqueline qualitatively - in the sense of feeling, really, slowly. And because of the window (which we have - a little street) and she could see the island of Manhattan - Long Island it is called - and then the mixture are mixed in the name of her highball (tall thin glass, which nonche and accepted to give the cocktail) Jacqueline gave Aylendsky Long tea.
Vodka - 15 ml
Gin - 15 ml
Light Rum - 15 ml
silver tequila - 15 ml
liqueur "Cointreau" - 15 ml
sugar syrup - 30 ml
lemon juice - 25 ml
"Coca-Cola" - 30 ml

Once in the country, having in stock all the components - are mixed with friends and girlfriends a basin of Long Island .... damn ... about the consequences ... better keep silence ...

• • •

Cocktail Whiskey-Cola / Whiskey-Cola
Cocktail Whiskey Cola is considered to be youth. Of course, it is neither elegant nor sophisticated, nor refined. This cocktail is not a mysterious legend in general and any well-known historical data. But do not underestimate him.

Cocktail Whiskey Cola lived, lives and will live. In the words of youth - "Whiskey Cola" taxis. Especially at youth parties, bachelor and bachelorette party.

It is not necessary to think about why it is so. Accepted as an axiom. Cocktail in preparation beshitrosten, its constituent ingredients are widely distributed and the resulting effect is consistent with expectations. Cocktail Whiskey Cola easily and effortlessly create a host parties among the guests happy mood. As they say (even if it did not say that after we are 100% guaranteed), "Whiskey Cola" - the first assistant mistress!
It is composed of 150 ml of cola, 50 ml of whiskey, ice and a few cloves of lime. Do not need a shaker and all sorts of fancy tricks to make this cocktail - just put in a glass and pour everything you need. This will be enough. Goblet is best to choose a high and large. Also, choose the required strength may be increasing or decreasing the amount of brandy. It all depends on your preferences and desires of guests. The main thing to remember is that 150 ml - it's all the same stake, not whiskey ...

Coke 150 ml
whiskey 50 ml
ice cubes 10
2 lime wedges or cocktail cherry

• • •
Mojito / Mochito
Mojito - one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. Not surprisingly, I wanted not only to drink it, but write about it and its variations. Mojito (Mojito - Mojito at the Amer., Moxito - moksito in Spanish.) - A traditional Cuban cocktail which became popular in the 80s of the last century and lost the position to date. The word «mojito» was formed from the word «mojo», which means "spell, conspiracy, mystic formula."
Yes, we all know that he is usually out of five ingredients: rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and mint. The combination of sweet, acid lime and fresh mint leave no one indifferent. They set off the strength of rum.
The most classic version of Mojito making

light rum - 40 ml
lime juice - 30 ml
mint - 1 / 3 of the beam
granulated sugar - 2 tsp
or sugar syrup - 20 ml

To prepare the mojito lime juice is added to the sugar, torn mint leaves, put it all into a tall glass (Collins or Hayboll). Then add crushed ice and rum is poured on top and soda.

In the most popular cocktail in the world no doubt a lot of options. Some people like to add strawberries, orange to someone or apple juice. I believe that in code-nt tell you about them.

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