Thursday, 29 September 2011

Guys have weaker immune systems?

Guys have weaker immune systems?
Guys have weaker immune systems?Women apparently have stronger immune systems and Guys have weaker immune systems.Women have stronger immune systems due to the two X chromosomes as opposed to men who only have one X chromosome.
As anyone familiar with the phrase 'man-flu' will know women consider themselves to be the more robust side of the species when it comes to health and illness. Now new research, published in BioEssays, seems to support the idea. The research focuses on the role of MicroRNAs encoded on the X chromosome to explain why women have stronger immune systems to men and are less likely to develop cancer.Statistics show that in humans, as with other mammals, females live longer than males and are more able to fight off shock episodes from sepsis,

infection or trauma, said Libert. We believe this is due to the X chromosome which in humans contains 10% of all microRNAs detected so far in the genome. The roles of many remain unknown, but several X chromosome-located strands of microRNA have important functions in immunity and cancer.How this unique form of genetic inheritance influences X-chromosone linked microRNAs will be a challenge for researchers for years to come,concluded Libert, not only from an evolutionary point of view, but also for scientists investigating the causes and cures of disease.

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