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Scott Campbell:Tattoo artists of the world

Scott Campbell - one of the best tattoo artists of the world-One of the best tattoo artists of the world tattooed on the first, the pain and the problem of selection.

Scott Campbell - owner of the tattoo shop Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. He works with clients the level of the designer Marc Jacobs (with whom he has created a collection for Louis Vuitton) and is constantly in the road - it requires personal attendance orders on both sides of the ocean.
First tattoo on myself I've done in 16 years in a cheap biker tattoo salon in Houston. I had 25 dollars and the guy behind the counter offered me a choice of a skull or a butterfly. I chose the skull. Now for me as tattoos, and find that it is impossible, because they all merge into one big one. I look like a carpet.

I first pinned a picture of San Francisco. All the time I drew something and the friend with whom we hang out there, said: "I ​​want you to do me a tattoo." I asked him to sketch and take it to the master, but he continued to take me to himself he pinned a picture. One day he just gave me the tools and said, "I'll give them to you if you do me a tattoo." He believed in me more than I did in myself believe it. From that moment everything started to happen. It was a real freedom. I painted all day, and earning money from it. I just traveled from town to town, did a couple of months, tattoo, then went to another. I could go at least in Tokyo! It was amazing.
Place for tattoos to choose from the expectation of life. It will be painful, but it quickly passed. If tattoos were very painful, no one would do more than one figure. In fact, every next tattoo to do better than the last. Enough to cross the line, and the second and third times all is going on smoothly
It is important to master evoked sympathy. There are amazing in terms of art tattoo, but rare in nature bastards. Tattoo - a personal experience. It may look great, but if it was unpleasant to do, you will have an unpleasant aftertaste. In addition, before you choose a master, check out his albums and photos, and make sure he knows what he does.
The best way to prepare for a tattoo - do not think about it. Your favorite tattoos I almost did not plan to. When a person has few tattoos, he believes that he needs to choose a design that will express its essence. It's too difficult task for a single character. Breathe deeply, clear your mind and choose something that you just love it. People think that Marc Jacobs (which I chopped a bunch of pictures) crazy, because it makes the tattoo of cartoon. But he has a good approach. Mark has done on his arm Sponge Bob, because this figure always makes him smile. He does not try to tell a tattoo on his ancestry - his tattoos simpler and more natural.
I never discourage people from pictures. That they prefer - it's not my business. Had tattoos, which I would prefer not to mess with. I'm trying to stay away from hatred and self-destruction, but if someone comes to me with a specific idea - it's my job to make a good tattoo and try to express what he wanted.
I like to make technically complex tattoos. I love the beautiful designs and fonts. The way you write a word affects its meaning. But despite all this, I'm a fan of tattoos like the ones that make the two in the morning smashed. I'm attracted to the emotions and passion that lie behind makeshift tattoos.
People often make the tattoo to commemorate an event. Death of loved ones, love, parenthood - when emotions are too many T-shirts or bumper stickers are not enough to express them. In the tattoo parlor go when they want to become part of the physical feeling of the flesh. This is a kind of catharsis.
Tattoo - the same way to control events in your life and have a say in who you are on a symbolic level. Earlier tattoos were simply a form of rebellion. I did a tattoo because he grew up in the suburbs in a conservative family. So I promised myself that this could never be like my parents.
To tattoo is not "crawled" to do it on your wrist, ankle or neck from behind. But I like old and ugly tattoos! When I'm old, I'll be all lost in the form of tattoos, because I do lose my form. It's honest. I myself believe that tattoos should be done wherever you want. I think that the emotions associated with tattoos, its symbolism is more important than beauty. Something beautiful can make any artist, and tattoo, which is embedded in the emotions will be special just for you.
Make a tattoo only if you feel that you need it. Do not force the event. If you feel that you can not live peacefully, until you have done tattoo - then it's their first tattoos. Make sure you are 100% sure that you want, and do it

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