Friday, 25 November 2011

100 Years Old Neon Signs

100 Years Old Neon Signs
Cars pass by hotel on Ocean Drive, Miami. For the first time neon was used as an outdoor advertising company in the U.S. automotive dealership Packard in Los Angeles in 1923. Now this technology is used everywhere.
Neon sign enthusiast Christen highway in New York.
The family eatery in New York Russ & Daughters.
City Island Lobster House. Another creation Kirsten highway.
Neon sign in the department of packing various sausage products for its future delivery, the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Montage of neon signs on Broadway, 1939.
Neon signs in Times Square in New York, 1955.
Advertising Camel cigarettes on Broadway in New York. At the time, these cigarettes are considered almost harmless, to date, this information is not relevant.
Neon signs movie theater building on Astor.
Britain has also long been immersed in neon. In 1950, the Piccadilly in all aglow with colored lights.
Moulin Rouge in Paris in 1960 year.
Fremont Street, Las Vegas.
Reno, Nevada.
Bates Motel from the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960.
James Stewart and Kim Novak in the background of neon signs in Hitchcock Vertigo, 1958.
The main characters in Hitchcock Rope in neon light, 1948.
Tom Waits in Francis Ford Coppola, with all my heart, 1982.
Neon has become a favorite tool of art for many artists in recent decades. The photo shows Tracy Emin, surrounded by his works.
Munson Diner, 1997.
The work of Bruce Nauman at the show in Miami, 1972.
The work of Bruce Nauman Five men marching on the show in Berlin, 1985.
100 years of neon.

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