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Biggest Toy Recalls

Biggest Toy Recalls

Biggest toy recalls, Are the toys your children play with safe? Although most toys are perfectly fine, some prove dangerous once they reach the hands of children. Scroll through to see some of the biggest toy recalls of 2011.
AOSOM wooden playpens

Date recalled: March 3, 2011
Units recalled: 5,000
AOSOM's four-sided wooden playpens are made from pine slats and have gates that latch.
Battat magnetic sketchboards

Date recalled: Nov. 2, 2011
Units recalled: nearly 100,000
Battat's magnetic sketchboards have a white plastic sketching surface and a magnetic pen. The pen allows children to sketch on the surface, and a sliding eraser allows them to erase drawings.
Battat musical wooden tables

Date recalled: Sept. 29, 2011
Units recalled: about 14,000

Battat's tables are green and have different instruments, including a drum, cymbal and xylophone, fixed to the top.
Battat toy keys
Date recalled: Aug. 2, 2011
Units recalled: more than 1 million
Battat's toy keys are metal and hang from a plastic ring. They come with a remote that plays music.
Bravo Sports Disney-branded pogo sticks

Date recalled: July 29, 2011
Units recalled: about 159,000
Bravo Sports' Disney-branded pogo sticks are multicolored, with Disney labels between the two handlebars.
Edushape Mini Stars building sets

Date recalled: July 7, 2011
Units recalled: about 18,000
Edushape's plastic Mini Stars building sets have six knobs that protrude from a circular middle. The recall involved 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- and 72-piece sets.
EKSuccess Brands American Girl craft jewelry

Date recalled: June 7, 2011
Units recalled: about 75,000
EKSuccess Brands' American Girl Pearly Beads & Ribbon Bracelets come in a 56-piece kit with pink, orange, blue and white beads and orange, red, blue and purple ribbons.
Excite USA toy helicopters

Date recalled: June 10, 2011
Units recalled: about 24,000
Excite USA toy military helicopters, sold at Rite Aid stores, come in packs of two copters, with manual rotary starters.
Family Dollar Stores remote-controlled toy tanks

Date recalled: Jan. 25, 2011
Units recalled: about 67,000
Family Dollar Stores recalled its Authentic Heroes Target Practice Tank play set, which includes a remote-controlled toy tank.
Fisher-Price load 'n go wagons

Date recalled: July 28, 2011
Units recalled: about 210,800
Fisher-Price red load 'n go wagons have a yellow handle (wagons with green handles were not recalled), plastic blocks and a dog figure.
Horizon Hobby model helicopters

Date recalled: May 31, 2011
Units recalled: about 17,900
Horizon Hobby's model indoor/outdoor helicopters have blue and red canopies and "Blade mCP X" printed on both sides.
Infantino activity truck toys

Date recalled: April 4, 2011
Units recalled: about 42,400
Infantino's blue, red and yellow Troy the Activity Truck plays music and has a plastic star, circle and heart beads on it.
Little Tikes workshop and tool sets

Date recalled: Sept. 28, 2011
Units recalled: more than 1.7 million
Little Tikes has a variety of workshop and tool sets, which include a hammer, saw and red and blue plastic nails.
Pottery Barn Kids soft dolls

Date recalled: Sept. 8, 2011
Units recalled: about 82,300
Pottery Barn Kids' Audrey, Chloe and Sophie soft dolls are 17 inches long and have hair made from yarn.
Radio Flyer Scoot 'n Zoom riding toy

Date recalled: Aug. 16, 2011
Units recalled: about 165,000
Radio Flyer's Scoot 'n Zoom riding toy is red with black wheels and is made of plastic.
Rhino Toys OBall Links & Mini Rattle

Date recalled: March 3, 2011
Units recalled: about 28,000
Rhino Toys' OBall is a plastic bubble with beads inside it that makes the rattle sound when shook. The OBall is attached to a plastic chain of links.
Sassy refreshing rings

Date recalled: Jan. 31, 2011
Units recalled: about 37,000
Sassy's teething ring/rattle has a red-water-filled ring on one end and a black and white ball on the other. Three circular plastic rings loop around the middle of the toy.
Target frog masks

Date recalled: Oct. 21, 2011
Units recalled: about 3,400
Target's frog face masks are green with yellow eye cutouts and have a green elastic band that fastens the mask behind the child's head.
G.A. Gertmenian and Sons 'Toy Story 3' bowling game

Date recalled: May 5, 2011
Units recalled: about 600
G.A. Gertmenian and Sons' "Toy Story 3" bowling game includes six white plastic bowling pins, one black plastic ball and a nylon rug with Buzz Lightyear printed on it.
UJ Trading Knight Hawk Toy Helicopters
Date recalled: May 11, 2011
Units recalled: about 18,500
UJ Trading's Danbar Toys Knight Hawk helicopters are green and black and remote-controlled.
Calisson Cool-It Soother teething rings

Date recalled: Jan. 12, 2011
Units recalled: about 7,000
Calisson's Cool-It Soother teething rings are clear and filled with liquid and are attached to a green handle shaped like the "Gnon" character.
Woodstock Percussion Gripper Shakers
Date recalled: June 2, 2011
Units recalled: about 9,400
Woodstock Percussion's gripper shakers come in blue or green and have oval tops filled with steel pellets and oval open gripper handles.

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