Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Top sequels of all time

Top sequels of all time,It is regularly listed as one of the greatest movies ever made and many think it is superior to the original.

But legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has confessed that he regrets making The Godfather Part II, despite the fact its cemented his reputation and scooped him an Oscar for best director.

The revelation is sure to shock fans of the legendary mafia series, which also spawned a second sequel which fared less well critically.

Francis, 72, made the shock admission when he was asked by a TMZ cameraman in Los Angeles if he would consider returning to the hit series.

He said: 'There should have only been one.'

The Godfather, which was filmed in 1972, and its sequel are frequently paired together near the top of greatest movie of all time lists, with Orson Welles' trailblazing Citizen Cane usually just above them.

The first film is usually rated above the sequel, although the latter was more successful at the Oscars, winning six gongs to the first film's three, including the only best director nod he has received during his career.

All three films chart the life of reluctant mobster Michael Corleone, and his descent from Second World War hero to evil gangster.

However the first two films also prominently feature the tale of his father Vito, and his counterbalancing rise from orphan to ethical cosa nostra chief.

In fact the latter role was more successful in awards circles, winning a best actor Oscar for Marlon Brando and a best supporting nod for Robert DeNiro.

Ironically Al Pacino was never recognised by the Academy for his performances, his lauded second appearance controversially losing out for the best actor award to Art Carney, who starred in Harry and Tonto.

It was the first sequel to win the best picture award, with The Lord of the Rings: Return of the KIng the only flick to repeat the feat.

Both films are regarded as among the crowning glories of the New Hollywood movement, alongside classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Chinatown and The Deer Hunter.

The third movie in the series was not made until 1990, receiving much fanfare.

But it was regarded as far inferior to its predecessors, though it still managed to win seven Academy Award nominations, though it walked away empty handed.

Godfather Part II star Frank Sivero, who played young Don Vito's adviser, believes Coppola has made a mistake.

He said: 'The Godfather Part II was a masterpiece, the Godfather part one was a masterpiece.'It was more Hollywood, and two was more human.
'Three I don't think had anything to to with the novel.'

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