Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Francis Ford Coppola there should have only been one godfather movie

Francis Ford Coppola talks 'Godfather' sequels,Francis Ford Coppola there should have only been one godfather movie
Los Angeles,  They are part of the cinema lore but director Francis Ford Coppola regrets making sequels to mafia drama ''Godfather''.

''Godfather II'' is regularly listed as one of the greatest movies ever made and many think it is superior to the original but Coppola says he should not have made the second movie, which also helped him win the Best Director trophy, the TMZ reported.

"There should have only been one," Coppola said when asked whether he would like to return to the series.

The Godfather and the sequel often feature in top of greatest movie of all time lists. However, the first film is called the greatest of them all, it was the second movie, which had more success at the Oscars. It won six trophies to the first film''s three, including Coppola''s first and only best director nod.

The movies chart the life of reluctant mobster Michael Corleone, and his descent from Second World War hero to evil gangster. His father Vito and his rise from orphan to ethical cosa nostra chief.

Marlon Brando won an Oscar for his role of Vito and Robert DeNiro a supporting nod. Ironically, Al Pacino was never recognised by the Academy for his performances in Godfather movies.

The third movie in the series was made in 1990 but failed to match the other two.

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