Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Amy Childs: I'm nothing like Katie Price

Amy Childs: I'm nothing like Katie Price

Amy Childs is having a bit of a moment. The 21-year-old Essex star, who rose to fame in reality soap The Only Way Is Essex, is launching a showbiz career of her own. She's opened her own beauty salon and now she's got a new fly-on-the-wall show It's All About Amy on Channel 5.

Shortly after she posed for the below promo shot (nothing like a bikini snap to get people watching!) we sat down with the young beautician-turned-TV star to find out what she makes of the countless Katie Price comparisons. After all, it could seem that her life is shaping up to be a bit similar to Katie's.

In the short video clip, Amy explains how she is not like Katie!
Katie rose to fame in the early 2000's as a glamour model and has since launched her one-of-a-kind brand on the UK. Obviously the main difference between the two Essex-born beauties is that Amy started her career on a TV show, and Jordan started hers on Page 3, and this is something Amy is keen to emphasise.

"We're totally different, I see it as we're nothing alike," Amy insisted. "She's done topless, I've never done topless.

"I've done a big beautician's opening and she's never had a salon."

However, we're sure Amy is hoping for just a smidgen of Katie's success. In the past decade, Katie has turned herself into a multi-millionaire, with an estimated fortune of £40m.

Amy's new show starts on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 5.

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