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80 Facts about London and the UK

80 Facts about London and the UK
1. In England, traditionally distributed separate taps for hot and cold water. It's not that good, but why it made me know.

2. The majority of Britons consider themselves British, while the Scots - only the Scots, and Irish - the Irish exclusively.

3. Emphasis depending on the part of Great Britain and even parts of the city (London, for example) vary considerably. Sometimes also by the degree of privileged classes.

4. British wild cold-resistant people, the children go to school in short pants and skirts the golf course to the very cold weather, so seeing a man in a T-shirt in November - is normal.

5. They really love the pubs. Every Friday, you will find a huge crowd, drinking beer and ale in traditional pubs, and people will stand, even outdoors in the cold if they do not have enough space.

6. In London, all very close and compact, mostly small apartments, as well as cafes and restaurants.

7. Because of this compactness to you at the table can podsadit someone, if you sit at a table for four, and only two of you.

8. Sometimes it seems that the British love the crowd. In pubs it is so many people that created vpechatlenieo that can "stand" only podsognutymi feet. In this case it does not stop new visitors.

9. Even if your English is very average, they'll tell you what you are saying is good. If an objection is adding that the Russian in any case worse.

10. In local supermarkets just finished eating dark for everyone, which must be consumed within a few days after your purchase. There you can find Chinese, and Indian, and English, and goodness knows what else the kitchen.

11. Taxi's incredible expensive, but it can be stopped absolutely everywhere and at any time. For example, from the airport to the center in less than 2500-3000 rubles can not get there, though he is just outside the city, but not in the near "zamkade."

12. In London, an incredibly huge and developed by Metro, it reaches all corners of the city, including the airport, and incredibly integrated with the stations.

13. The fare depends on what in some of the "zone" of the city you are going. Center - Zone 1, a total of 6 if my memory serves me. Rates vary greatly depending on distance.

14. The minimum fare on the subway - something around 150 rubles, that a lot.

15. Throughout the city you can find the station with bicycles. Using a credit card can be rented for a certain period. On the day only costs about 70 rubles, and it is wildly convenient.

16. Many like him and call him a real macho and tough politician.

17. When you tell the truth about Russia, many sincerely empathize and wonder how we are living there.

18. In contrast to Moscow, in London, little sushi bars, but overall the food varied. A lot of Indian restaurants.

19. The total number of restaurants is enormous.

20. Absolutely in any area you can find a laundry, wash house as shirts and t-shirts in general is not accepted.

21. Many British nurses in the role of advocate baliyki, secretly and Filipina. Sometimes they almost do not speak in English, and understand how their children are a mystery to me until now.

22. Speaking of politics, many would agree that Western democracy - shit, like politics in general.

23. If you said that in Russia, the first question you will ask, from Moscow or not.

24. Even in the city center you can find stalls and tiny shops, selling the Pakistanis and Indians are different left-branded clothes.

25. Every weekend morning in many areas of public garden and farm fairs are formed, and home cooking, after their day with a 13:00 fire will not find.

26. By the way, no one will understand the time 15.00, only 3 pm. Our system is only used to indicate the direction the Army, such as "the enemy at 16.00."

27. Many Englishmen are proud of their army and the fact that there are nuclear weapons.

28. Almost always when you make a service, a deposit, etc., talk to a phone robot.

29. Many Englishmen visited Paris only once or not at all been, although the train from central London to central Paris journey takes only 2 hours.

30. The crowd at the pub is always very noisy, as there are people distinguish what everyone says, I do not know.

31. Almost all pubs eating out is just the traditional dishes: potatoes with fish, mashed potatoes with sausages and burgers at best.

32. Meet the man in broad daylight in a tuxedo (dinner suit in English, a suit for dinner) - absolutely normal.

33. In the center there is no shopping center in our understanding. This is a purely American theme, everything is segmented.

34. Without a credit card to do a lot - it is simply impossible.

35. When telling about our policy, many are surprised by how much we know about it. English only slightly interested in such things.

36. Almost any Londoner home not less than 400 channels in HD functionality includes the subtitle, rewinding and recording gear.

37. There is no kinotetra where there is everything. Typically, each shows only certain films.

38. In the London Underground there is a special place for musicians, and they can be very good living.

39. On past giants such as MacDonald's, Burger King and KFC, are very common in the UK local network with different types of sandwiches and other foods, mostly not heated. According to my observations of their even more, but apart from Subway in Russia there is not one.

40. British apologize for any occasion, even if nothing serious had done. For example, if a man stands before you leave the store and noticed your momentary confusion about this - he apologizes.

41. Home can be ordered almost everything: food, alcohol, and even a hookah.

42. Cashiers can say thank you about 4-7 times during a single purchase.

43. If you hear playing the English classics such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin-you just grow in their eyes and move to a new level of communication.

44. Sometimes it can be seen on the streets just great aunts. Frankly, I'm afraid of.

45. English humor is really very svoebrazny.

46. Local laws require pubs to clean the area surrounding the street cleaners always pass them by.

47. Log in nearly all the major museums of the country is absolutely free. You decide how many are willing to donate to the museum.

48. I've never seen homeless animals. It is unlikely that they are euthanized, most contain a special nurseries.

49. None of the grocery store does not work after 21 - 22 pm.

50. Many customs and different signs in different parts of the United Kingdom (Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales).

51. Almost any product from the supermarket and fast food is a big sign - is grown in the UK.

52. Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises.

53. You can find a club for every taste. There are those, where it plays a very tough electronic music, while there will be two or three rooms with different directions. People so much that sometimes really hard to break.

54. In the subway passengers always leave read the newspaper. Newcomers to take and read too. Thus, the newspaper for a day does not change a single owner.

55. Hookah's not very popular. You can find a few establishments that are concentrated in the Arab quarter. At the same time smoking hookah also prohibited on the premises, but there are heaters on the street, and people smoking all year round. If you wish, you can find a place to do inside, but be warned that they would seize, if they come to the cops.

56. Unlike many other Europeans, the British gladly go visiting. Although in order to have invited you to pass some time.

57. Instead, the iPhone mania as we do, then almost all BlackBerry. Through its service data in encrypted form (BBM) coordinated many riots this summer. After that, the state required to provide access to this information.

58. Estate agents will always want to trick you by using your ignorance of local laws.

59. If something important book home (furniture, carpet, appliances), it's just hell. In new houses are taking a concierge. But if not, then never tell the exact time of delivery. Usually something like 2 to 9 pm. Call for 30 minutes, so very far from home do not come out.

60. Because of this delivery system all the neighbors 'fear' of each other and take the goods for you if they're at home.

61. The average annual rainfall is 584 mm, which is less than in Rome or Sydney. So the eternal rain of London - a myth.

62. Almost everyone has an umbrella, because rain can begin quite suddenly. But usually it is short lived and quickly fizzles.

63. A very common form of money in coins. The biggest advantage of 2 pounds to 100 rubles with us.

64. Ordinary policemen do not carry firearms.

65. On the street you can find the breed, it seems, all the dogs in the world. Some are simply crazy about dogs.

66. Taxi drivers are very talkative. If they are to maintain a conversation and be polite, you can even get an invitation with a drink in the pub.

67. Builders almost all immigrants from Eastern Europe, one can often hear Russian speech.

68. Sometimes you can see old women and 70-80 years Dedkov who dress in the fashion of the 40-50s and they look very conservative, but they have a charm and dignity.

69. You can also find an old man of 70 in front of the royal military or in the form of the Navy. These people in the society decided to treat with great respect.

70. People are very touchy. If you accidentally touched someone and do not apologize, you say that you are badly brought up and remind you of the need to say sorry in such cases.

71. In general, the products are very fresh and different. In addition to sour cream, brown bread, sausage and yogurt doctor can find everything.

72. If so you just missed the country, then your service shops with Russian food and Russian restaurants. Usually they keep people from Russia and CIS countries.

73. London - a city of queues. Then turn to Sturbucks, MacDonalds, Apple Store, and even in restaurants. When released iPhone 4S people came to the tents to the store at 5 am to take place. This is normal.

74. Every taxi driver is very hard exam on the city, there aliens do not take the job. My street 200 meters, but there was no case to not know where she is.

75. Usually, the British complete their bachelor's analog and do not go to graduate school.

76. They also do not have Ph.D. degrees, but only a doctorate (PHD). If you have it, you're just for them to dizzying heights.

77. In the tourist district of Soho, you can feel the smell of marijuana on each corner and it does not matter. At worst, you face a fine.

78. The outlet is almost always a key-switch, so you should never pull anything out of the socket.

79. Before entering the subway is always handing out free newspapers.

80. In general, it is an attention to detail country, anyone who is thinking to move here, I can sincerely recommend!

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