Thursday, 3 November 2011

Alleged muggers return victim's stuff

Alleged muggers return victim's stuff
Minutes after allegedly mugging a man, the suspects returned to astonishingly return the man's stolen stuff  Mugger returns victim's cell phone, bus pass. Sidney Tyson, 63, says he thought they were coming back to attack him again Chicago, Illinois city it happened in. Police say they arrested three suspects.
Alleged muggers return victim's stuff_ A mugging has been quickly diffused by some military ID, with the robbers handing back the victim's belongings when they spotted he was an army reservist.

Four men pointed a gun at a student in Milwaukee in the US and ordered him to lay face down on the ground. They took his wallet, $16, keys, his mobile phone and even a snack bar from his trousers. But when they saw his Army ID, they went into full retreat.

The 21-year-old victim, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that the group's leader ordered the others to return the items, which they put on the ground next to him, apart from his keys.
The reservist said: 'The guy continued to say throughout the situation that he respects what I do and at one point he actually thanked me and he actually apologized.'
The group – who were all wearing hooded tops – let the reservist get up and walk away, but they still hadn't finished paying their respects to him.

'The leader of the group actually walked back, gave me a quick fist bump, which was very strange,' he added.
Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E Schwartz said officers were hunting the group and added that they later robbed a convicted burglar with a Department of Corrections inmate ID in his wallet, which apparently did little to faze them.

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