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Britney Spears: From A Teenager To An icon of Style

How to Change Britney Spears: From A Teenager To An icon of Style
"She's changed so much! It just did not know! And remember, five years ago, she dressed very differently!" Such a nice charge may present and receive your address, for example, at a meeting of graduates. What can we say about the stars.
Full Name: Britney Spears
Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in the U.S., her childhood was spent in the town of Kenwood. In the early years of Britney sang in the choir and gymnastics professionally, and at age eight was cast to participate in the show "The New Mickey Mouse Club" on Disney Channel. However, the producers decided that Spears was too young, and in the show, she appeared only in 1993 after studying at acting school in New York.
When the project ended, Spears while she sang in the girl group Innosense, but soon decided to pursue a solo career and recorded a demo CD. He fell into the hands of the producers of Jive Records. Jive, and hastened to conclude that Britney contract. In 1998, the singer's debut single "... Baby One More Time", which was a huge success. A year later, Britney released her first album with the same name - the most successful in his career (he became 15 times platinum). Trace out the second disc "Oops! ... I Did It Again", which cemented her status as a pop star. Singing career gathered momentum, all sorts of awards fell one after another. In 2001 he was released third solo album - "Britney". Next - "In The Zone" - in 2003.
After four years, releasing several compilations, she recorded a new album "Blackout", and his first single "Gimme More" immediately became a worldwide hit. A year later saw the light of the album "Circus".
Especially famous Britney Spears brought the story of an unhappy marriage, divorce and litigation over custody of their children.
We are not so interested in their costumes just because they are "for the stage." In everyday life we ​​often look better than celebrities, because they tend not to stand out. But when it comes to leaving a light, look stunning for them - a matter of principle. Everyone tries to outshine his fellow starry sky. Consider, as an evolved star Britney Spears style.

17 year old teen Britney instantly soared to the Olympus of fame and it long remained a bright star. But the magical transformation of a teenage girl in an elegant woman did not happen so quickly.
1999-2000 - I trust your taste, though I do not go (or greetings from the 90's)
 pop singer at various awards can be considered a shocking and tasteless costumes. A young girl indiscriminately puts on her dress suggested. And at the center of attention. Short leather jacket bronze color and top from the same material in combination with snakeskin pants could not draw the lenses of photographers and attitudes hardened fashionistas show business.

Spears has always been a body in sight. Open overalls, transparent covers, deep neckline lure the eyes of the public. In year three zeros Britney Spears appeared on the Billboard Awards ceremony in the orange jacket of the same color bustier and mini-shorts and purple socks into the net. Completed the awful way the orange hat with a feather. "Incidentally, I thought that looked pretty good.

I thought that I «hot», - Britney confessed in an interview about his biggest mistake of all orders.

 2001-2004 - the period of mini

 But since 2000, with an idol of a generation there was a love for headgear. Various kinds of caps and hats have become an indispensable addition to the stellar costume. Of the 90 in the new age of Britney Spears suffered in its style and decoration, such as a collar. At this time many of the photos you can see different variations of these accessories. This bow-tie, beads, chains and necklaces. In some cases, they look very elegant.

 At this time, Britney's career reached its peak of popularity. Along with this style Spears is more womanly. In place of pants, jeans and shorts comes a mini-dress. Criteria for selection of dress are becoming tougher, and the image of a star even better. With the excellent work of stylists pop singer still "nagreshila."

In 2003, the 14 annual awards ceremony, "Woman of the Year" according to Glamour Britney Spears came in dressed as a "black widow". Black dress strapless, black satin gloves, fishnet black tights, black shoes with a pointed nose and a hat-slot, too black. For this image of Spears' hit in the history of the most ill-dressing star of the 2000s.

2008-2011 - all in an adult
After a long lull, having gone through difficult moments in his life, the singer is back on the scene. But the other - grown-up. Along with her more serious and her costumes for the publication. Britney Spears dresses remained faithful, but the length of an inch did become longer. Dresses by famous designers such as Versace, look at it brilliantly.

Sexuality is not lost in the dress, just now she was not defiant, but muted. It is safe to say that Britney Spears is in the right direction and selects worthy outfits. It is possible that soon she will surprise us with something new.

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