Saturday, 12 November 2011

Dog eats owner's cash

Dog eats owner's cash
A Florida dog caused a bit of trouble for his owners after he ate cash left in an envelope on the counter dog eats $1,000. The owners were able to piece some of the bills back together after the dog vomited up the cash and were able to exchange them for new bills dog eats $1,000 meant for car payment.
Teachers looking for late homework are used to hearing the excuse "the dog ate it." People looking to collect car payments, not so much. But in the case of one St. Augustine couple, it's the truth.

Tuity, a Labrador retriever/chow/bulldog mix, decided to chow down on the $1,000 in cash his owners had been saving,

"My husband and I are trying to pay off my car, and so every time we save $1,000, we just take it to the bank and we just put it in the account, so we have no checks," Christy Lawrenson told the news station.

But this time around, the couple's money went missing. They discovered Tuity had eaten the cash. They induced vomiting in the pup, and up came the remains of the money. Nine hundred bucks had been chewed to shreds.

The couple has sent the remains of the bills to the U.S. Treasury along with an explanation and hopes to get their money back.

We suggest that the Lawrensons look into opening a checking account. If the dog eats a check, you can always write a new one.

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