Friday, 4 November 2011

Fact That Falls From The Sky

Fact That Falls From The Sky 
Meteorites? True, mainstream science recognizes that only the last 170 years. Prior to this prevailing view that the fall of stones from the sky - this is an absurd superstition that science does not recognize ever. Cases of observing them fall to explain hallucinations.
However, there is no order in nature and the sky is often falling so-called "psevdometeority" - items of terrestrial origin, which is not known how found ourselves at the top.

Prediction come true NASA - which fell to earth 20-year satellite weighing 6.5 tons.
Ice from aircraft engines - a rare visitor from the sky - surprised the residents of Nevada, having made a hole in the roof of their garage.
Perseid meteor rain is pleased with their entertainment lovers of astronomy each year.
The satellite «American Skylab», which fell in the Indian Ocean within 6 years after its launch into orbit of the Earth, was the first of its kind in the U.S. in 1979.
Bad weather in Arkansas in 2011 caused a massive drop dead birds.
Fish rain - not so rare in the Australian town of Layyamanu - served as a harbinger harbinger Thornley tornado several times.
An unidentified substance in Scotland in 2009 caused a series of disputes about its origin.
Curiously the fall of the lens in California found no explanation.
Meteorite fall which occurred in 1911 and is now a matter of controversy among scholars.
"Blue Ice" - human waste falling from aircraft toilets - almost completely covered one of the houses in Pittsburgh in 2002.
Willamette Meteorite, discovered in 1902 in North America, one of the largest analyzing processes of natural origin, falling to Earth from space.
Gold, according to some research, as a result of the fall of meteor showers on Earth's surface.

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