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Help! My dinner is: Thanksgiving tips

Help! My dinner is: Thanksgiving tips

Avoid the holiday hassle and enjoy your time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving with some helpful tips to create the perfect dinner.
Turkey tips
You have the turkey, you’ve got the pan  now make the perfect bird.

Turkey tipsWhat is the done temperature for turkey?
Answer is turkey 165 degrees

When roasting turkey from the frozen state, how much time should be added to the cooking time?
Answer is roast turkey from frozen state increase cooking time by 50 percent

How much turkey per person should I plan to serve?
Answer for fresh turkey 1 pound of turkey per person

How long should I plan to thaw turkey safely?
Answer  thaw turkey 24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds

Stuffing tips
Tradition says cook it in the bird, but others say the bird cooks better when stuffing is baked in the oven .

 What temperature should I use to dry out the bread?
 Answer is Stuffing 275 degrees

How much stuffing do I need when cooking it in the turkey?
Answer is 3/4 cup of stuffing, per pound of turkey

What combination of herbs is used?
Answer is stuffing thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley

Turkey gravy tips
It’s the topping to every Thanksgiving meal  but be sure to avoid the lumps and don’t make it too runny.

What should I use to avoid lumps?
Answer is whisk and strainer for lumpy gravy

What are helpful ingredients to thicken runny gravy?
Answer is Use cornstarch or flour to thicken turkey gravy

How would you make gluten-free gravy?
Answer is rice flour for gluten free gravy

If my gravy turns out too salty, what can I add to it?
Answer is Add potato to salty gravy

Mashed potato tips
It seems every family has their favorite version  with or without lumps, mashed by hand or whipped, and with or without seasoning, just avoid making it dry or too watery.

How many pounds of potatoes should I use?
Answer is 1 pound of potatoes for every 4 servings of mashed potatoes

What size chunks do I cut the potato into?
 Answer is 1 1/2 inch chunks of potato for mashed

How do I avoid gluey mashed potatoes?
Answer is Don't over mash the potatoes

Should your mashed potatoes turn out runny, try adding this quick substitute.
Answer is add instant potatoes to runny mashed potatoes

Cranberry sauce tips
Make it tangy or make it sweet, but just don’t make it from a can. No one truly likes it that way.

What ingredients do I use to make the sauce?
Answer is cranberry water, sugar

How long does it take to make?
Answer is simmer cranberries for 10 minutes

Do you serve it cold, hot, or at room temperature?
Answer is serve cranberry sauce at room temp

If I do use canned cranberries, what are some ways I can dress it up?
Answer is add spices, oranges to dress up canned cranberries

Dinner roll tips
No dinner plate would be complete without one, or two, homemade rolls.

How long will it take my bread dough to rise?
Answer is 45 minutes to an hour double in size dough

Where should I put my bread dough to rise?
Answer is warm spot for bread to rise

I have a bread machine, can I use it to make dinner rolls?
Answer is bread machine dinner rolls

Pumpkin pie tips
It’s the sweet treat at the end of the meal  so don’t let down your guests and family with a burnt crust or a mushy center.

What is the difference between canned and fresh pumpkin?
Answer is pumpkin + canned or fresh + difference

What size sugar pumpkin should I get if I want to use fresh pumpkin?
Answer is 5 lb. pumpkin makes 4 cups mashed

I have a frozen pumpkin pie, do I thaw it before baking?
Answer is don't thaw a frozen pumpkin pie before baking

How do I keep my pie crust from burning if the pie center isn’t done?
Answer is cover pie crust with tin foil

Sweet potato tips
It’s the savory sweet dish served during the meal  candy them with marshmallows, cover them in cinnamon, or just mash them down a bit.

What’s the difference between sweet potatoes and yams?
Answer is taste difference + yams and sweet potatoes

What’s the best temperature to bake sweet potatoes?
Answer is 400 degrees for sweet potatoes

Instead of marshmallows, what’s a different topping to use on sweet potatoes?
Answer is pecan topping sweet potato casserole

At the grocery store, do I pick out large or small sweet potatoes?
Answer is pick a smaller sweet potato

Thanksgiving tablescape tips
Add the final touches to your meal with a table that’s fit to serve.

What’s the best wine to serve for Thanksgiving dinner?
Answer is riesling wines for a thanksgiving dinner

What’s the best beer to serve for Thanksgiving dinner?
Answer is amber ale beer pairing for turkey

How do I do an easy Thanksgiving tablescape?
Answer is easy thanksgiving tablescapes

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