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Kim Kardashian and the idea of Her Style

Kim Kardashian and the idea of Her Style

One of the brightest clan Kardashian, reality TV star Kim is accused of stealing jewelry design, the authorship of which belongs to Alexis Bittaru. This is not the first idea, which "borrowed" famous brunette. From the elegant gowns Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga scandalous images ... This and much more you will see in this collection "stolen" Kim Kardashian style.

In August, when Lady GaGa made ​​co-host of the show «The View», she had a fairly modest (by the standards Gaga) ensemble: black and white crow's feet in a dress by Salvatore Ferragamo with selected him in the tone of a hat, shoes and clutch. (Although selected to match the glasses were clearly more than an accessory.) Later, Kim Kardashian appeared on the air show «Today», and it was wearing the same dress from Ferragamo, which, incidentally, is her passing. The same day, Kardashian posted in his Twitter picture, where she in that dress sits on a black and white crow's feet in a chair in a New York hotel Gansevoort.
Kim Kardashian sued by the brand Old Navy, because in the filming of their commercials fashion brand zadeystovala model, which is very similar to the famous brunette. And not so long ago, Alexis Bittar jewelry designer Kardashian accused of plagiarism, claiming that it copied the designs of his jewelry to his collection of «Belle Noel». That's what Bittar said in an interview with New York Post: «A lot of employees at television stars and stars produce their own line of clothing and accessories to make the most of their TV show. They are not designers - they are simply thieves. I was walking past the shop, Kim Kardashian Dash on Broadway, and saw that the jewelry provided there are very similar to mine. There is no doubt that Kim used my ideas. "Kardashian family representative, however, denied this statement: "This is not true. Kim draws its inspiration and ideas during his travels, and then implement them in their projects. Decorating Alexis Bittara Kim did not even see, so any similarity in the design of jewelry is pure coincidence. "
Cher's son, Chas Bono, spoke out against Kim Kardashian's brother, Rob, on the American TV show "Dancing with the Stars," after which, the family struggle only worsened. October 2 Cher wrote on Twitter: "I ​​do not watch reality shows! Never met anyone from the family Kardashian, and this bitch better roll away! I'm not kidding! "And as it reacted to Kim? A few days later she was spotted in a white dress, very much reminiscent of Cher outfit, in which the singer appeared in 1970 before the release his first solo single titled «Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves».
Dress with an optical illusion may be a trend of autumn, but in 2009, Victoria Beckham was the first to put this naryads moire pattern from Alexander McQueen. Almost two years later, touting his new reality show «Kourtney and Kim Take New York» (Courtney and Kim win the New York City), Kim Kardashian twice appeared in public in a more extended version of the dress from McQueen.
It's one thing when you want to look like pages from a fashion magazine, another - copy the entire image on the cover. In June 2011, shortly after the nominee OskarDzhennifer Lawrence has appeared in Canada's Flare magazine in purple and orange dress from Gucci, Kim delighted the appearance in the same attire. It is completely copied the image of Jennifer's up to the fact that posing for photographers just bent arm.
A typical dilemma in many families - to borrow a dress from her sister. And how about that "steal" an image of my sister? September 21, 2010 Chloe Kardashian attended a concert of Weezer in bandage dress from Bebe. Three days later her older sister Kim was spotted at a dinner in the same dress (just different size) and a leopard shoes by Christian Louboutin
There was a time when Kim Kardashian met only with the players in college football, including Reggie Bush and Miles Austin. But when in September 2009 her sister Chloe married a striker the club «Los Angeles Lakers» Lamar Odom, Kim turned his attention to the NBA players. In 2010, Kim met with the club forward «Nets» Chris Humphreys. After several months of dating, the couple were married, but poproschestvii just over two months suddenly divorced.
Except for the wedding dress Kate Middleton, in 2011, the most anticipated wedding dress has wedding dress Kim Kardashian from Vera Wong. But after the August wedding Kardashian Chris Humphreys, editors of fashion magazine Us Weekly noticed that Kim copied the image of Kate Hudson. Her dress looked identical dress from Vera Vaughn, who wore an actress in the film "Bride Wars" (2009). Costume designer Karen Patch explained to the magazine Brides: «I had a lot of different images from Vera Vaughn to choose from. The idea of ​​Kate dress meant that it is the ideal and the famous bride. She embodied the image of the bride able to get whatever he wants. "Apparently, Kim also fell in love with this dress at first sight.
Most of today's fans paid attention to Kim Kardashian, after the 2007 film was found, where Kim and his then-boyfriend Ray-J sex. Three years before this sex video "1 Night in Paris» Paris with her ​​and then Hilto boyfriend Rick Solomon also became public. But according to the edition of New York Post, Hilton's mother, Kathy, believes that imitation is not particularly flattering happened. "According to Kathy, Paris is the first star of a reality show and all the others have to thank her for her success," a source told Page Six magazine about Kardashian, who was a stylist Paris. Also, the source added that, according to Kathy, Kim copied everything that had made Paris.

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