Thursday, 10 November 2011

Man surfs world's biggest wave

Man surfs world's biggest wave

Pro surfer Garrett McNamara Nazaré, This city in Portugal,The wave is estimated to be 90-feet tall.Man surfs world's biggest wave, Surfer catches 90-foot wave for world record. The surf world is buzzing about the unbelievable, 90-foot wave in Portugal surfer Garrett McNamara caught to break records as the biggest wave ever surfed.

McNamara was towed into the bomb by Andrew Cotton and Al Mennie, both from the U.K.

"I feel so blessed and honored to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery", McNamara said in a release.

Onda Gigante na Nazaré. Surfer rides wave for World Record
"Everything seemed to be perfect, the weather, the waves. Both Cotty and I rode two big ones in the 60ft + range and then when Garrett got on the rope a wave, maybe 30 feet bigger, came out of the canyon; it was meant to be. I had the best seat in the house as I was doing water safety on the ski as he dropped down the face of the biggest wave I've ever seen. It was incredible. mcnamara biggest wave, Garrett McNamara ,+2008 Mike Parsons 70 ft record wave

Most people would look scared but Garrett looked in control as he went down the most critical part of the wave. It was an inspirational ride by an inspirational surfer. After the ride it was as if the sea calmed down. We sat out there and just absorbed both what had just happened and the surroundings. What a day!"

The wave was surfed in Praia do Norte off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, according to a release. The coast of Nazaré is home to one of the only deepwater canyons that runs all the way to shore. McNamara has been working with the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute to understand how the waves reach such an abnormal height.

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