Saturday, 19 November 2011

Parents: cursing baby should not be sold

Parents: Cursing baby doll should not be sold,Doll sold at Toys R Us appears to say: 'Hey, crazy bitch'
Nationally sold baby dolls are causing a controversy because some say the toys say a bad word.

The "You & Me Interactive Triplets," which are being sold at Toys R Us stores in Orlando, are causing the uproar because one of the dolls can be heard saying what appears to be the phrase, "Hey, crazy bitch."

"Oh, absolutely.  She's calling them a crazy bitch," Kathy Wetter said.

The dolls are recommended for children ages 2 and older, and there is no warning of explicit language on the packaging.

Toys R Us said it has received a number of complaints about the doll but added that the doll is just making baby talk.

A mother told Local 6 News that she's worried her son might say the bad word.

"I don't want him repeating what's on there," she said.

Toys R Us said it has no plans to take the doll off its shelves, but told WKMG-TV that it would allow customers to return the toy with a receipt if they find it offensive.

"I think they should be burned, and I would like to write the (toy maker) a letter," another woman said.

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