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Surprising celebrity endorsements

Surprising Celebrity Crazy Endorsements

Politicians, authors, rockers and rappers have earned extra cash by pitching products as varied as pantyhose, metal detectors and coffins. On each page, click the links to find out who they are.
Celebrity endorsements are as profitable as they are plentiful and these days, it seems as if eveyone's in on the action.

While some promotional deals are obvious fits, like Nicki Minaj's recent 'Pink Friday' lipstick collaboration with MAC, there are many that leave us scratching our heads.

Even for Hollywood's reigning queens of self-promotion, the Kardashian sisters, some products seem like ridiculous choices.  Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have moved past their prepaid credit card fiasco with grace, style and, most surprisingly of all, a line of Kardashian Silly Bandz.

What's far more surprising than endorsement-happy reality stars hawking products for a quick buck (or a few million of them), is when legitimate actors and performers lend their famous names and faces to products that bring them far more ridicule than respect.

Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia
Hold your hats, TV watchers, because we're about to drop some serious wisdom on you: At one point in time, Jamie Lee Curtis' name was not synonymous with digestive regularity. Hard to believe, we know, but it's true. There was a time when she was not only an actress, but Hollywood royalty, a teen slasher movie queen, and a bona fide hottie. The woman defeated Michael Myers in five separate installments of 'Halloween,' for gosh sake. While Activia may have provided a financial boost to her lagging career, the striptease scene in 'True Lies' will just never be the same.

Sofia Coppola Canned Champagne
Sofia Coppola is well-respected. Sofia Coppola is elegant. Sofia Coppola makes wine you drink with a straw? The writer-director's father, directing legend Francis Ford Coppola, owns a popular winery from which his daughter's eponymous beverage was born. Pluses: Cute packaging, fun idea, won't spill while you're jogging. Cons: Sophistication-wise, canned wine is about a half-step up from chugging Franzia right from the box.

Megan Mullally for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Megan Mullallly is one funny woman, as evidenced by everything from guest appearances on 'Parks and Recreation' to her longtime role as boozy socialite Karen Walker on 'Will and Grace.' So why is she getting down disco-style with a tub of fake butter in the refrigerator aisle? Come on, 'Will and Grace' has only been off the air for five years; you couldn't possibly have spent that money already.

Lil Jon for CRUNK Energy Drink
OK, Mr. Jon, we get it. You like to get crunk. You like to say "crunk." You like to provide your enthusiastic hyping skills to other peoples' songs. The thing is, we're pretty sure pomegranate-flavored energy beverages aren't the only things you're sipping out of that pimp chalice you seem so fond of. Oh, and by the way, there's already a crunk energy drink, it's called Four Loko, and, unlike your product, it lives up to its name.

Claire Danes for Latisse
Claire Danes is serious about two things: her acting career and long eyelashes. The 'Temple Grandin' star and multiple Golden Globe winner, has taken a cue from another former teen star when it comes to her endorsement deals. Danes signed on as the face of Latisse, an eyelash growth product, in 2010, a job also held by Brooke Shields. Side effects include irritation, iris darkening and weirding out your fan base.

Bret Michaels Weaves
Our minds were blown when we realized this deal hadn't been inked yet. Seriously, the golden glory coming out from under that guy's bandana makes Beyonce's hair people seem like amateurs, and we want in on the action. For the record, the fact that we've written it here entitles us to a solid 50 percent of the profits.

Hilary Duff Tooth Whitening
Sure, the former 'Lizzie McGuire' star may have gone overboard when she tried out tooth veneers for the first time, but we can't say we minded the look. Maybe not everyone likes a girl with a mouth full of piano keys, but we're chomping at the bit for teeth even a fraction as fabulous as Duff's pearly whites.

Justin Bieber Pheromones
Don't believe what 'Skins' tells you. Getting action as a teenager can be darn hard, unless you're Justin Bieber, that is. We don't know if it's the songs, the haircut or that purple hoodie, but the Biebs' unparalleled chick magnetism could get Queen Elizabeth to throw her underpants onstage.

Heidi Klum Workplace Fire-o-Matic
Getting fired sucks. Packing up your desk for what may be an endless period of depression and poverty really sucks. Being the guy firing someone with a family and kids isn't a day at the beach either. Why be the bad guy, delivering the crushing blow yourself, when you could have adorable Heidi Klum say "auf Wiedersehen" for you? The woman makes goodbye so loveable, you'd think it was a gift.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Activia Yogurt

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