Friday, 11 November 2011

Suspicious wife sparks bomb scare

Suspicious wife sparks bomb scare
Suspicious wife sparks bomb scare with tracking device under husband's car.A suspicious wife who had a GPS tracking device attached to her husband's expensive sports car set off alarms about a bomb, police say. After police cordoned off the area they found out that Dr. Diletta Bianchini she works in Royal Marsden Hospital had the device attached to her entrepreneur husband William Sachiti's car Dragon's Den TV show he competed on after he started working late. When police sealed off the centre of Sutton in Surrey on Saturday and called in the bomb squad shoppers were understandably alarmed. Ambulances and fire engines rushed to the usually quiet area braced for a possible explosion as police hastily cordoned off sidestreets to isolate a suspected bomb under a £40,000 sports car.

It therefore came as a relief - of sorts - when it emerged that the source of the panic was not a terror plot or a mafia hit - but a suspicious wife with a lively imagination.

Police were stunned to discover that the suspicious flashing object which sparked the alert was in fact a tracking device fitted by a local businessman’s car by his wife to find out whether he was having an affair.

Stranger still, it emerged that the culprit was none other than a respected cancer specialist at the world-leading Royal Marsden Hospital nearby who was married to a former Dragon’s Den contestant.

Dr Diletta Bianchini, 35, had become suspicious after her husband, William Sachiti, began to work late.

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