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White Temple in Thailand

White Temple in Thailand

This temple is located in the province of Chiang Rai, in a place called Amphuar. Temple of a relatively young, its construction began in 1998. Build it one of the most famous and popular artists in Thailand Kositpipat Chalermchay, often referred to as "Thai Salvador Dali."
Mr. Chalermchay invented himself in the temple, as well as its general appearance, and every single statue. Artist builds temple in principle to their own money without attracting sponsors, that nobody could dictate his own terms. For construction, he had already spent several million dollars. Helps him in this interesting and difficult task of his brother Paketlat Chalermchay, which is the chief engineer and manages the process of construction, when Kositpipat is out.

The temple looks like sugar and really amazing at first sight! It is decorated with unusually intricate and ornate sculptures, alabaster surface is covered with pieces of the White Temple mirrors that infinitely shimmer in the sun!

Sculpture consisting of a huge set of teeth and hands reaching out, which is located in front of the stairs leading to the temple, represent hell on to the artist.

Inside the temple there are sculptures and Buddha images, but the most interesting is one of the walls. It shows a picture tells the story of the fight the forces of Light and Darkness. In the picture there are quite unusual characters, such as Neo from "The Matrix" (Keanu Reeves - actor favorite artist), a scene from "Star Wars", all kinds of robots and monsters, and above all this "outrage" Buddha and his disciples. This picture Kositpipat Chalermchay created three years. As explained by a girl-guide are unusual for a temple image, due to the fact that the artist wants to show the eternal truths understandable and close to today's younger generation language, hence such an unusual interpretation.
Around the temple a number of unusual sculptures of alabaster-SLR that capture the imagination of visitors.

Temple is located across from the White Gold, which is proving to be just a public toilet. Here's a look at the artist's extraordinary things!

Such unusual sculptures stand at the entrance-exit from the temple.

Also in the gallery, where you can see other works by the artist and buy some souvenir of the visit of such an unusual place.

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