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The Worst Country For Children's Birthday

 The Worst Country For Children's Birthday
Each year, the British charity "Save the Children" is preparing a report "Mothers of the world" to tell about the situation of mothers in the world .. The rankings take into account such conditions: the level of the health of women and children in the country, access to health care, socio-economic indicators of living standards.
According to a report the organization, this year, Norway became the leader among the countries most favorable to motherhood. The birth rate as of 2010 the country was 10.9 per 1,000 population. In Norway, introduced the most effective policy on maternal and child health, income has the best ratio. With extremely low birth rate, all 10 countries that recognized the best for mother and child are in Northern Europe.

10. Central African Republic (CAR) There is high infant mortality, which accounts for almost 10%. With annual population growth rate - 2.1%. Only the initial 5-year education is available to the public. Mass rape was accompanied by a civil war in 2002-2003. Birth rate 36.79 per 1000 population. '51 Is the average life expectancy of women, each of which accounts for about 4.7 births.
1. In the ongoing Afghanistan war, and widespread drug use birth rate is 38.11 per 1,000, which gives 2.6% population growth per year. Nearly 45 years on average, women live in Afghanistan. The country occupies the 4th place on the level of fertility in the world and, thus, is among the five countries 'leaders' in terms of infant mortality per year.
2. Nigeria country occupies third place in the world infected with HIV. Birth rate is 36.07 per 1,000 population, for every woman of the country have an average of 4.8 births, with an average life expectancy of 48 years. Skilled medical care is not available for most pregnant women in Nigeria.
3. Guinea-Bissau as in Nigeria, life expectancy in Guinea-Bissau is 48 years. Birth rate 35.56 per 1000 population. About 40% of literacy among the youth of the country. For women-only initial 5-year education. According to tradition, the girl in Guinea-Bissau can be married to achieve its 13 years. Widespread polygamy. Annual growth rate at 4.6 births per woman - 2%.
4. Yemen Birth rate is 34.37 per 1000 population with an annual population growth of 2.7%. 65 years - the average life expectancy for women of Yemen, which is higher than in the previous countries. However, there are no age limits for marriage, sometimes an 8-year-old girls to marry. The literacy rate among men is 70% among women - 30%.
5. Chad 40.12 per 1000 population - birth rate in the country. 10% reaches the infant and maternal mortality in the absence of adequate medical care. Chad women on average live 49 years.
6. Congo, Democratic Republic occupies the 7th place in the world in the number of births at a woman - about 6.1 in average life expectancy of 57 years. In this country known for widespread rapes. According to official data, more than 40 000 women were abused from 1998 to 2004. Widespread societal discrimination against women subjected to violence and their children. Birth rate 42.26 per 1000 population, which gives a 2% annual population growth.
7. As in Eritrea, Congo, Eritrea, very high levels of sexual violence against women. Life expectancy - 64 years. Birth rate 33.48 per 1000 population with an annual population growth 2.5%
8. In Mali birthrate in 2010 the country held the third place (51.08 per 1000 population). 85% of girls, according to custom, are circumcised. In terms of infant mortality country occupies the 4th place in the world. Nearly 50 years - the average life expectancy. Annual population growth rate 2.6%.
9. Sudan Nearly 42% of the population lacks access to clean water, which creates a big problem in the country in compliance with the hygiene conditions. 50% of female literacy. The maternal mortality rate - one of the highest in the world. '53 Is the average life expectancy of women. Birth rate 36.58 per 1000 population.

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