Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Best Sports Bloopers

From a dropped trophy to an elderly fight, we look at some of the funniest sports bloopers.
Tiger Woods hot dog A California man was arrested after throwing a hot dog - yes, a hot dog - at golfer Tiger Woods. The fan stated he was inspired by the movie "Drive" saying, "As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, 'I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.'" The wiener wrongdoer was charged with a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace.

Christina gets the words wrong Just because you're a superstar singer doesn't mean you're going to always get the words right when all eyes are on you. Christina Aguilera proved just that when she flubbed the words to the national anthem in front of a worldwide crowd at this year's Super Bowl. Yes, the national anthem. At the Super Bowl. Maybe next year's singer should bring a cheat sheet.

Squirrel in St Louis During the fifth inning of the NLDS game between the Cardinals and Phillies, an unwelcomed guest ran onto the field: a squirrel. He was the third squirrel to scamper around the field during the series, but the other two didn't have the boldness to actually run across home plate. The Cardinals eventually won the World Series with their "Rally Squirrel" giving them a bit of good luck along the way.

Marion Barber Perhaps Marion Barber should heed the phrase, "Go with what you know." Marion Barber is good at running the football, but his skills as a gymnast are somewhat questionable. After Barber's failed attempt at a celebratory backflip, he might want to leave gymnastics to the professionals.

Amar'e Stoudemire NBA players are asked to "Leave it all on the court." Usually this refers to heart and effort. But against the Bobcats, Knicks' forward Amar'e Stoudemire left the court without a very important part of his uniform.

Antelope crossing Talk about wrong place, wrong time. Poor Evan van der Spuy was only trying to enjoy some mountain biking, but his chosen path put him directly in line for a brutal hit by an antelope. After the collision, the antelope went on its way. Van der Spuy was not so lucky.
Holding a grudge It's usually a good idea to learn from your elders, but maybe not in this case. Former Canadian Football League players Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp came to blows at a charity luncheon over an incident that allegedly occurred almost 50 years ago at the 1963 Grey Cup, the CFL championship game.
Crash landing The "diving airplane" celebration seems to be effective in soccer. This Brazilian soccer player tried to step outside the box and pioneer a new celebration. Unfortunately his attempt to high-jump a bush did not turn out very well.
Playing fetch Perhaps there are no leash laws in the stadium that hosted the match between Colombia's Santa Fe and Brazil's Botafogo. That would explain how a dog made it onto the field and held up play. Pretty tough to play an intense match with Lassie on the loose.
Ref needs a ref This is not the first time a referee has been involved in a dispute with a player who feels wronged, but the ferocity of the confrontation was quite surprising. Romanian soccer player Julian Bursuc chose to express his displeasure with the referees by landing a right hook to one ref's jaw.
Shoe toss Some athletes have notoriously short tempers. Maccabi's Yoav Ziv is obviously one of those players. Instead of approaching the referee to discuss a non-call, Ziv chose to kick his shoe at the ref.
Bumpy ride Water skiing is traditionally considered a leisure sport. The fact that Kyle Dammeyer began this run with a helmet on might serve as a clue that this outing was going to get a little bumpy.
Out of bounds This guy has a lot of confidence in himself. He's moving beyond dunking over a person (like Dwight Howard) or a car (like Blake Griffin) ... he's prepared to jump over four people! Maybe if he'd settled for three, he could have pulled off his trick.
Wayward goalie In all fairness, these players aren't professionals. But perhaps some lessons on directional kicking are in order for Oklahoma Baptist's goalie. It's safe to say that his unlucky teammate might appreciate it.
Escalator misstep It's a well-known fact that getting on and off escalators is tricky business. Finland goalie coach Pasi Nurminen is making a case for adding airplane steps to that list. While exiting the airplane after returning from winning the IIHF Championship Nurminen had some trouble getting his footing.
Fan takes to the ice True fans do anything they can to help their team. Usually that help is limited to what can be done from the bleachers. Apparently, that was not enough for one hockey fan who took things one step further - he inserted himself into the altercation.
False move When a soccer player attempts a penalty kick, usually he intends to fake out the goalie. Unfortunately, in this instance Al-Ahly's Amir Sayoud wound up faking himself out ... with some embarrassing consequences.
Thrown under a bus One tip for the Real Madrid players: When you are finally in possession of a prized trophy try to treat it with extra care. That means keeping it safe - not dropping it on the celebratory bus ride and letting a bus roll over it, which is what happened in April. Which player dropped it?
Marshawn Lynch Opponents are constantly trying to learn how to trip up Marshawn Lynch on the field, but during a game against Baltimore it finally happened. Unfortunately for the Ravens, he wasn't brought down by one of their defenders but by a camera cord.
Knowshon Moreno It is imperative that NFL players remain aggressive about their workouts. Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno might have gone a bit overboard with that idea. Against the Green Bay Packers in October, Moreno was pedaling hard to stay warm on the sideline. Maybe a little too hard considering he lost his balance on the bike and nearly tumbled onto the ground. Future lesson? Two hands next time, Knowshon.
Ben Revere When Ben Revere made contact with the ball during a Twins/Royals game, even the announcers knew he got all of it. The truly amazing part of the play happened just after Revere rounded second, stumbled into a somersault while running, and recovered in time to get to third base safely.
Mark SanchezMark Sanchez should generally feel protected before the ball is snapped given that he usually has an entire offensive line if front of him. But in the Jets game against the Buffalo Bills, Sanchez lined up as a receiver opposite Bills corner back Drayton Florence. Before the ball was snapped, Florence attempted to fake Sanchez out by giving him a head and shoulder shake. Sanchez fell for it and, adding insult to injury, he was called for a penalty on the play.

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