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Lohan gets a new job

Lohan gets a new job

Lohan gets a new job Playboy centerfold Lindsay Lohan has a new job as the face of Jag Jeans. Lohan, who reportedly has more than $1 million in legal fees, is complying with the terms of her probation  in a drunken driving case.

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Lindsay Lohan is an Italian fashion plate. Emily Deschanel gives birth. Scarlett Johansson's late-night rendezvous with Timberlake. Bethenny Frankel's maritime rescuer thinks she's a jerk. Minka Kelly's butt gets slapped. Thursday gossip makes love to the camera.
Lindsay Lohan landed a "modeling gig" with Philipp Plein, a designer who employed Mischa Barton last year, making his employment a virtual halfway house for starlets in distress. The gig will finance LiLo's trip to Milan for their fashion week. Perhaps to prepare, Lindsay did a "photo shoot" with Terry Richardson on random stoops and curbs in SoHo. I can only imagine how strange it'd be to be walking home from a bar at 2AM and stumble across Lindsay Lohan posing with a discarded mattress, while Terry Richardson breathes heavily. Weren't they worried about bedbugs?
After nine months of vegan pregnancy, Emily Deschanel gave birth to a baby boy with actor husband David Hornsby, A.K.A. Rickety Cricket from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The baby's name is Henry Hornsby. With a last name like Hornsby, you sort of can't go wrong. People
In Spain filming Cloud Atlas, Halle Berry broke her foot, thereby jeopardizing the entire movie. Leading ladies are like the dauphins of imperiled monarchies: One false step or health-threatening situation, and the entire empire collapses. TMZ
Adele is "becoming friends again" with the ex-boyfriend she wrote all those songs about, after they broke up. "He changed my life, I can't deny that." Independent
Charlie's Angels fired a crew member for slapping Minka Kelly's butt. Early reports had the guy sneaking up behind Minka and "slap[ping] her across the rear end while holding a $100 bill in his hand," high-end stripper-style. But now people think it was a run-of-the-mill butt-slapping, with no large denomination bills in sight, just a creepy perv with bad boundaries. The guy has since been fired; paradoxically, TMZ says this is because of ABC's "zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment" and because "the guy had done it before." Either way, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that Minka Kelly's butt is safe once again. TMZ, Radar
"Is Scarlett Johansson dating Kieran Culkin?" They've been strolling Paris together, all romantic like, and went to a burlesque. ScarJo has pretty schizophrenic taste men, so I'm going with "absolutely" on this one. People
But! Justin Timberlake went to Scarlett Johansson's apartment, after partying until 5:30AM and engaging in "hardcore flirting." He "wasn't even low-key" about the late-night visit. (How do you be high-key about that? Hang a banner that says GETTIN' LAID out the window?) He also introduced himself to the doorman, who probably didn't give a fuck, unless he's the one who sold the story to the tabs. Us, NYDN
But!!! Justin Timberlake "spent a romantic weekend" with "on-again girlfriend" Jessica Biel!!! Celebrity romance is like a game of telephone. A daisy chain of love. P6
How did reality star pro-wrestler Stacy Keibler win George Clooney's famous heart? She "lives in the moment." She has "a good sense of humor." So, yeah, blind luck. People, Celebitchy
The captain who rescued Bethenny Frankel after 20 hours lost at sea is pissed that she didn't give him a tip. Gatecrasher
Eva Mendes went hiking with maybe-boyfriend Ryan Gosling in "chunky platform sandals." AceShowBiz
Denise Richards turned down $100,000 to appear on Two and a Half Men. She "really wants to get back into TV," but "Charlie would've gone crazy," and his good will is worth way more than $100K, child and spousal support-wise Life&Style
Levi Johnston either has no idea what's written in his memoir or cannot remember the events of the last five years very well. Or just lies a lot. Celebitchy

Lindsay Lohan just can’t land a job, even when it’s a supposed sure thing. The troubled actress has officially been “bumped off” the new film about the Gotti crime family. The actress turned up to last week’s press conference for the film and was all set to play Victoria Gotti. Now she’s back to being unemployed. Marc Fiore, the producer of the film told People magazine, “We are not talking any further about Lindsay playing Victoria. She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people ” Fiore said the decision not to cast Lohan had nothing to do with her troubled past or legal woes. He told People, “She a wonderful person. Her legal case has nothing to do with it. We just couldn't reach terms.” Lindsay’s job search continues. People

New Super Condom Set to Hit Stores

A new condom, dubbed “Viagra for condoms,” is set to be approved by regulators in Europe and is expected hit store shelves by the end of the year. Researchers at biotech company Futura Medical have successfully “figured out how to implant an erection-boosting gel into condoms.” The condom has “been clinically proven to increase local blood flow within the penis which in turn leads to increased firmness, increased penile size and longer duration of an erection.” Known now as CSD500, the condom will be sold by British condom-maker Durex. The company is likely coin a sexier sounding name.

She can’t get an acting job, but is in demand as a model. She’s landed a lucrative deal with Jag Jeans and will appear in their latest advertising campaign. It’s not the movie role she desperately wants but it’ll help pay the bills. LiLo worked with pho...

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