Monday, 26 December 2011

Douglas Booth Sports Turtleneck, Still Remains Hot

Douglas Booth Sports Turtleneck, Still Remains Hot

Gulp. Um, hi, Douglas Booth. *shyly waves* We're SO sorry to interrupt your diligent theater studies, but we really need to talk. The last time we spoke was more than a year ago, and boy, how things have changed since then. We spotted you in this week's issue of Mr. Porter, and we have to say that you're growing up into a fine, stylish young actor right before our very eyes. And, we know you're only 19, but DANG, you can really sport winterwear like no one we've ever seen.  In his first studious look, he sports a chunky knit beige Givenchy wool sweater over a J. Crew cotton tee paired with swept-back hair, perfectly trimmed stubble, and a pondering stare.

In his second look, Douglas wears a beautiful double-breasted   Viktor & Rolf gray blazer paired with a dark denim Marc by Marc Jacobs button-up shirt and YSL wool trousers. We're obsessed with his half-popped collar, and how the jacket gives the comfy fit of a sweater but the dressiness of a blazer. For his last look, he wears a black Raf Simons toggle wool coat over a John Smedley turtleneck and Jil Sander stretch trousers. The rollover turtleneck paired with the wire frame glasses and stunning coif puts us into some weird trance where we suddenly think turtlenecks are cool and that all our boyfriends should start wearing one IMMEDIATELY. Maybe it's his too-cool-for-school stance or his Englishmen glasses, but either way, we're gonna be SO jealous when his Romeo and Juliet film finally does come out in 2012 because we will no longer have him as our stylish little secret. Here's to you, Mr. Booth.

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