Monday, 26 December 2011

Sammi Gets A Make-Under, Shows Off Natural Beauty

Sammi Gets A Make-Under, Shows Off Natural Beauty

Tear. Oh, don't mind us, we're just proud mothers watching our dearest Sammi Sweetheart blossom into a stunning model with effortless beauty. You guys, feast your eyes on Sam's brilliant photo shoot for No, that's not the extra eggnog from last night's holiday party playing tricks on you—it is indeed Sammi sans tons of eye makeup, mascara, bronzer, cleavage, and eyeliner. And ZOMG, she looks amaze! Don't get us wrong: We LOVE Sammi all glammed up, but isn't she just as beautiful without all her party girl makeup?

The Jersey Shore darling chose the glitziest time of year, when even the most demure girl Jersifies her wardrobe with bedazzled pumps and heavy makeup, to do the exact opposite: a make-under. With the help of, Sammi's arduous beauty regimen went from two hours to less than five minutes! And alas, underneath her makeup and away from her flat iron, editors discovered "clear skin," "gorgeously imperfect hair" and "good brows." But, rest assured, her MTV Style mamas always knew she was a total natural knockout. *beams with pride*

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