Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dog back to life before buried

Dog back to life before buried

Puppy makes miraculous recovery,A puppy named Scamp got a second chance at life. His family thought he died after he escaped through a fence. As they were preparing to bury him the next day, they say Scamp suddenly "came back to life" and started sitting up.

The McKinlay family was devastated when their family dog Scamp escaped through a fence and got hit by a car on Dec. 3. But the 8-month-old Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu puppy surprised his owners the next morning when he was not only awake, but sitting up.

Reta McKinlay of Yelm, Washington told the Olympian newspaper that she and her husband were sure the dog had been killed in the collision.

"Scamp was bleeding; his eyes were fixed," McKinlay said in an interview with the paper. "We didn't feel breath on his chest or on his nose."

They broke the sad news to their twin 6-year-old grandchildren, then Reta's husband took Scamp outside, wrapped him in a blanket and placed him under a wheelbarrow so he could be buried the following day.
But when they returned in the morning, Scamp, despite his injuries, had ... come back to life? Or rather it had recovered consciousness and was sitting up.

Even though they racked up a total of $3,000 in veterinarian bills, the entire family was ecstatic to see their pet escape with his life.

"We just said miracles happen, and maybe we were wrong and maybe because everyone was sad and praying, maybe God decided to let him live," McKinlay told the Olympian.

Scamp isn't the first miracle dog to grab headlines in 2011.

Earlier this year, a puppy was euthanized and then found alive the next day, while another dog managed to escape the gas chamber.

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