Friday, 23 December 2011

Real-life Scrooge

Real-life Scrooge

Real-life Scrooge, Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" in 1843, Real-life Scrooges. but these modern-day Scrooges would give his greedy Ebenezer a run for his money.

Disabled volunteer robbed

The Scrooge: A wheelchair-bound bell ringer was collecting donations on Nov. 29 when the suspect took off with an iconic item.
Stealing from Boy Scouts

The Scrooge: Surveillance cameras caught an SUV-driving woman stealing, for the third year in a row (2009-2011), from the Scouts' parking lot fundraiser.
Missing Nativity centerpiece

The Scrooge: An Arizona homeowner on Nov. 28 became another victim to a common holiday prank.
Stealing from sick kids

The Scrooge: Many of the donated holiday gifts, including a video game console and a popcorn machine, slated for sick kids disappeared in October from a hospital parking garage.
Bad Santa

The Scrooge: A truck-riding Santa Claus left a 4-year-old girl in tears last year after she walked over to meet him.
Bad teacher

The Scrooge: An elementary-school teacher angered parents when she let a secret slip out to her second-graders in November.
Town robbed again

The Scrooge: A thief hit a Virginia town's holiday displays this year as well as last year.
A literary Scrooge

The Scrooge: This satirical writer was known for his biting wit and his mysterious disappearance.

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