Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ice cream vendor assaulted?

Ice cream vendor assaulted?

Ice cream vendor assaulted? An ice cream truck driver in Utah was assaulted by a woman carrying a spray bottle, police say. Andrea Chavez, 65, is charged with assault and other misdemeanors.In today’s society, the ice cream man is a welcome distraction on a hot summer day. But it wasn’t always that way. In the 1850s, when ice cream vendors began selling their treats in the streets, people complained of what they thought was unsanitary conditions and of the poor quality of the ice cream. The vendor’s outspoken sales pitches were also deemed a public nuisance.

During this period, ice cream also hit the streets in London, at a time when Londoners were still unfamiliar with the treat. Said one writer, “The consumers had to use their fingers instead of a spoon, and no few seemed puzzled how to eat their ice, and were grievously troubled by its getting among their teeth. I heard one drover mutter that he felt ‘as if it had snowed in his belly!’”
,Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Back to work now, which, if you work in a place where you make ice cream, isn’t always a bad thing.

The best thing about Memorial Day, besides the day off and a chance to pay tribute to our nation’s armed forces, is that it marks the unofficial start of the “summer season,” even though the official season doesn’t begin for another month.

The unofficial start of the summer season also means the unofficial start of ice cream eating season. Yeah, yeah, we’ve said it before on here, “Every season is ice cream eating season!” But the summer is the best time of all to indulge in a little extra ice cream here and there, isn’t it?It’s that time again…time for some wild and wacky news about ice cream from around the world. Below are some of the more unusual stories we’ve managed to dig up, but there’s a twist. One of these stories is a fake, made up by the Turkey Hill staff. Try to guess which one by leaving a comment!
1. NO RESPECT FOR THE ICE CREAM MAN – An ice cream man in Suffolk, Virginia was dishing out some frosty treats when two men approached the window and placed an order. When the man turned around to get the goodies, the men brought out guns and demanded that he give them the truck. A short time later, while wandering the neighborhood, the ice cream man heard his truck’s music and found it abandoned. The shaken vendor reclaimed his vehicle and drove to the nearest police station to report the crime.

2. FOOD FIGHT! – A Rhode Island legislator’s attempt to name a local ice cream maker as the state’s official ice cream vendor melted faster than a freeze pop in August when the House couldn’t come to a consensus on the motion. Turns out, several other legislators preferred other ice creameries, and no one was willing to budge on their frosty allegiances. The legislator withdrew his resolution moments before the vote was to be conducted.

3. ANYONE HAVE AN ASPIRIN? – An Eagle Creek, Oregon man claims to have suffered from the world’s longest case of brain freeze after gobbling down a pint of Neapolitan ice cream nearly eight years ago. The man, who’s tried every conceivable remedy, can’t seem to shake the headache, but still enjoys his favorite frozen dessert “at least three times a week.” Doctors at Oregon University Medical Center have no explanation for the affliction.

4. NO RESPECT FOR THE ICE CREAM MAN (PART 2) – A turf war between two rival ice cream vans broke out in Camden, New Jersey last week. It started when one ice cream man encroached on the territory of another. The angered peddler shouted “You can’t stop here! This is my spot!” Soon after, the trespassing ice cream man was assaulted by two thugs and taken to the hospital where he was treated for cuts, bruises and a fractured rib.

Like we said, three of these stories are true and one is completely made up. Chime in with a comment if you think you know which of these tales is too tall to be true.

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