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Weirdest News Stories of 2011

Weirdest News Stories of 2011

Weirdest News Stories of 2011- Weirdest News This year’s headline oddities stopped us in our tracks with reports of medical marvels, misfired cannonballs and animals with star quality. See which news stories had our jaws dropping in 2011.

Sofa’s better than the beach

After a hard day, who doesn’t want to curl up and catch some winks on the sofa? At least that’s what seal pup “Lucky” had in mind when he wandered into a house in Bay of Plenty  in early December.
Breast implant dislodges

While doing a Pilates exercise this month, a 59-year-old woman’s body “swallowed” one of her breast implants. Find out where it ended up
Hair-raising gamble

A gambling website purchased strands of the King of Pop’s hair at auction and planned to convert the hair into a roulette ball, to be sold to any interested casino.
‘MythBusters’ misfire

When the hosts of this cable science show  were testing projectile speeds, one of their cannonballs flew through a suburban California home’s front door, its master bedroom and into a neighbor’s minivan
Woman gives birth as an art exhibit

On Oct. 25, a Brooklyn-based performance artist gave birth to her son, Ajax, in a New York art gallery as an act of artistic expression. Find out what the “exhibit” was called.
Cyclops shark discovered

In July, fishermen discovered a one-eyed albino dusky shark fetus inside its mother. See photos that many thought were doctored. Find out what happened to the shark.
Woman sues ‘Drive’

A Michigan woman sued the distributor of Ryan Gosling’s action/drama over a trailer that she found misleading. What was her main issue with the film?
Genetically modified glowing beagle

South Korean scientists cloned a beagle puppy that glows green under ultraviolet light. The puppy is part of a study that hopes to someday find cures for human diseases.
Woman with nipple on her sole

An unidentified 22-year-old woman reported a third nipple … on the bottom of her foot. The growth  comes complete with an areola and hair. The dermatological community’s calling it the first report of SBT  on a sole.
Break-dancing gorilla

Zola, a male gorilla at the Calgary Zoo, was taped busting some break-dance moves in June. Watch him in action. His dance skills make sense — his first zoo home was in the birthplace of breaking.
Woman wakes at her funeral, dies of shock

A 49-year-old woman, who was wrongly declared dead, arose at her own funeral   The shock of seeing mourners surrounding her coffin caused her to suffer fatal heart failure
Shape-shifting cuttlefish

A May study reported that cuttlefish are copycats — using mimicking gestures to take on the shapes of nearby objects and even pictures  . Why do they do this?
Man’s lost ring found after 72 years

Jesse Mattos lost his high school class ring in a butcher shop toilet  72 years ago and chalked it up to a loss. In May, a sanitation worker found the monogrammed ring and tracked down its 90-year-old owner.
Couple names baby after Facebook ‘Like’

An Israeli couple named their newborn daughter Like, after a feature on social networking site, Facebook. Here’s what inspired the choice.
18-month-old offered football contract

After viewing a YouTube clip of an 18-month-old kicking soccer balls into a toy bin, a Dutch soccer team offered the tot a 10-year professional contract
Man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts

A newspaper vendor in Chile has spent 10 years  collecting 82 tattoos of his favorite actress. Why does he do it?
Hungering for a royal invite

A Mexican teen staged a hunger strike in front of the British embassy in Mexico City in hopes of earning an invitation to the royal wedding  . She didn’t get an invitation, but she did win a free trip

Knife removed from man’s head after 4 years

In February, surgeons in China removed a rusty 4-inch blade from the skull of a 30-year-old patient who, unknowingly, had it stuck there for four years. Find out how it got there.

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