Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Drake on fan's forehead tat

Drake on fan's forehead tat

Drake on fan's forehead tat "I want to meet her and understand what happened Hip-hop star Drake talks about an avid fan

Drake responds to fan's forehead tattoo
Earlier this month, a woman who must be a really, really big Drake fan got herself inked in honor of the superstar.

But according to MTV’s RapFix, the rapper/singer isn’t too pleased with the tribute.

Perhaps it's the location that he's most displeased with: The superfan got "Drake" tattooed on her forehead.

"I want to meet her and understand what happened," Drake said of the woman in an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106’s Mando Fresko.

He also lashed out at the person responsible for the body art: “The guy who tatted is a f****** a**hole though, I will tell you that.... F*** you to that tat artist by the way. And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again...And if I ever see you, I’m a f*** you up.”

In case he wasn’t clear, Drake had an additional message for the tattoo artist: “You’re an a**hole, for real.” He called the situation “surreal.”

The artist, Kevin Campbell of L.A.’s Will Rise tattoo shop, has spoken out about the situation.

Campbell said he thought the forehead tat was a bad idea, but the fan insisted on the ink. “…She acted as if she had planned it out for a while,” he told VICE magazine of his notorious customer, “though I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead.”

Campbell added that he was unaware of Drake’s celebrity when he did the tattoo. “I figured it was her hood...not some goofnugget R&B dude.”

Though he warned the woman of the potential consequences of getting a face tattoo, Campbell said he “lost a little sleep” over doing the tat ... at first. “In the end, she paid me to do this to her, which really means she did this to herself,” he concluded.

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