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Celebs WIth Surprising Ages

Celebs WIth Surprising Ages, When we say, "You don't look your age," we generally mean it as a compliment. On that note, have a look at some famous folks whose appearances belie their ages -- generally for the better, but sometimes for worse -- and click through to find out how old they are.

It's a paradox: While it's hard to imagine Hollywood without Johnny Depp, this leading man still doesn't seem like he's aged much at all. Still, when you start at "21 Jump Street" and do the math, you realize he's older than he looks...
You might call Helen Mirren a sexy granny if there was anything matronly about her. Despite the fact that she's older than most women working in Hollywood today, she still radiates sensuality.
Much has been made of Kirstie Alley's post-"Dancing With the Stars" slim-down, but even packing a few extra pounds, Alley looked younger than she is. In fact, a lot of fans would be surprised to find out how long she's been around...
Whatever Halle Berry has going on is something a lot of other leading ladies would like to have for themselves: timeless beauty. Since she hasn't really aged since her Hollywood debut, her age is tough to guess.
What's Michelle Pfeiffer's secret for age-defying beauty? We're not sure, but we'd like to think it has something to do with starring in "Grease 2." How many years do you think this lady has behind her?
What are you doing in this gallery, Dina Lohan's sun-damaged sister? No, wait -- our mistake. That's actually just Lindsay Lohan. Funny thing about hard living: It makes you look older than you actually are.
He's been a star for decades, but Denzel Washington looks no worse for all his time in Hollywood. In fact, he's about as handsome now as he ever was...
While it may not surprise you that Martha Stewart takes care of herself, it's pretty remarkable that she looks as good as she does, considering her age. Unlike actors and other performers on this list, looking good isn't part of Martha's job description.
You might think that Stacey Dash looks very well preserved from the time she played a teen in "Clueless," but consider this: Her acting days go all the way back to playing a teen on "The Cosby Show." Will she look teenaged forever?
"Glee" star Cory Monteith has become a poster boy for the trend of onscreen high schoolers being played by actors in their mid-20s. Why? It just so happens that he's the oldest of all the "Glee" kids.
It hardly seems like any time has passed since LL Cool J transitioned from being rapper to a TV star. But then you stop to think about it and realize, "Wow, he's kind of been around a long time." But how long?
It's not that Prince hasn't aged, maybe, but just that time flows differently on the planet where he lives. Oh, and his rather unique style of dress is considered mainstream masculine there.
Look at her. In a word? Gorgeous. It's hard to believe that in this gallery of celebs with surprising ages, Raquel Welch is the oldest. Not that it makes her look any less beautiful...
In movies like "Kick-Ass" and "Let Me In," Chloe Moretz brings a certain maturity to her roles that suggests she's older playing younger. But is she? Or is she just a precocious kid?
With his impish face, elfin stature and flowing blond locks, David Spade seems like a resident of an even more fantastic land than Hollywood. And though he's matured since his "SNL" days -- he can grow a mustache now! -- he still looks weirdly young...
Her U.S. fans are at a disadvantage, as Bai Ling was an actress in her native China for a decade before crossing over into American films with her role in "The Crow." Still, this actress looks remarkably younger than you'd expect from a woman her age.
Leave it to the Man Who Fell to Earth to display otherworldly qualities, including a bizarre resistance to the passage of time. David Bowie has donned so many alternate personas in his day that you have to wonder if he was giving his actual self a break from aging.
When you look at Jennifer Tilly, it doesn't seem possible that she could have been in as many movies -- and over as long a period of time -- as she has. But think about it this way: It's been 25 years since she was in "Johnny Be Goode."
Would you want to be a rock star? Really? I mean, think that choice over a bit, and if you need to, think about poor Keith Richards and what life as one of The Rolling Stones did to him. Spoiler alert: He's actually not as old as he looks.
And very last we have Courtney Stodden, the girl whose nascent singing career has been eclipsed by her much-publicized marriage to 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. She looks like she could be on marriage No. 4, but she is so young that her parents had to sign off before she could get hitched.

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