Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christie Brinkley owes IRS $531K

Christie Brinkley owes IRS $531K

 Christie Brinkley Owes Over $500,000 In Back Taxes
There's no such thing as "too pretty to get in trouble with the IRS."

Supermodel Christie Brinkley is being ordered to pay $531,000 in back taxes, the New York Daily News reports today.

Court records show that a lien demanding the money was filed on Nov. 21 in Suffolk County, New York.

The "Uptown Girl," 57, can probably afford to pay what she owes - she's worth a reported $80 million, the Daily Mail says. She also had some high profile projects this year, including starring in "Chicago" on Broadway.

But Christie's not the first model to get into a sticky situation with the law. Earlier this month, testimony revealed that Elle Macpherson had to fire her business manager for helping hackers break into her cell phone. Bar Refaeli is also under fire from her native country of Israel, where the Israel Tax Authority says she owes back taxes for money she's made in her modeling career.christie brinkley irs, sports illustrated, billy joel, christie brinkley net worth,

Poor Christie. If only Uncle Sam would allow for a "beauty" deduction.

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