Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Expensive-Looking Gifts Under $20

Expensive-Looking Gifts Under $20

An air hockey table, a haute bracelet, a fragrant tea set -- you can give luxe gifts without breaking the bank.

Air Hockey Table

Buy this tabletop air hockey set for the kids; keep it for late-night tournaments against the hubby.

Stila Daydream Palette

Twenty-two eyeshadows swirl out from the center of this dreamcatcher-esque palette, with each arm designating complimentary color combos. Stila's cult classic Kitten shade anchors them all from the center spot.

TinyPrints Notebook

A customized photo cover and sophisticated hues lend this wire-bound notebook a high-end feel.

iPod Charging Stand

A bright white palette and sleek, curved setup give the impression that this charging stand came straight from the Apple Store; the sub-$20 price tag says otherwise.

Exquisite Tea Sampler

Spend only 63 cents per tea bag in this luxe sampler set featuring three distinct flavors: Ginger Green, South African Honeybush Vanilla, and Orange Spice So Nice.

AHAVA Celebration Salt Wands

Sumptous Dead Sea bath salts scented with dates, figs, and goji berries only feel pricey.

Telephonewire Bracelet

Recycled, woven telephone wire makes this South African fair trade bracelet an eye-catcher, while an appearance at Diane Von Furstenberg's 2010 Spring Fashion Week show elevates its style status.

Cindy Crawford Ornament Bowls

Reflective gold and silver disguises these decorative fig bowls’ sub-$20 price tag.

Totes Multi-Tool Set

Thanks to its manifold functions (ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, among others), your favorite handyman will never guess that this tool kit costs as much as a salad and coffee at Panera.

DJ Headphones and Flat-Panel Speaker

Let your DJ-in-training practice spinning without springing for a real-deal turntable.

$19.99 per speaker or headphone set at

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