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Famous Preacher Scandals

Famous Preacher Scandals
Preacher scandals

Bishop Eddie Long
When accusations surfaced: September 2010

The latest: The wife of Eddie Long, the pastor of an Atlanta megachurch, on Friday announced and later retracted her plans to divorce her husband, who in May settled with four men who accused him of sexual misconduct. We take a look back at a televangelist, a priest and others whose improprieties or crimes prove that members of the clergy are human, too. 
George Alan Rekers
When accusations surfaced: July 2010

The scandal: George Alan Rekes, a Baptist minister and anti-gay activist who opposes certain adoptions  in Florida, was caught in the summer of 2010 returning from a trip to Europe with a male escort he allegedly "rented" from a website. How did the married preacher explain his vacation on Facebook,George Alan Rekers facebook sinners goal to help them
Tony Alamo
When accusations surfaced: 2008

The scandal: The cult leader of an eponymous ministry group in Arkansas received a stiff punishment,tony Alamo  175 years in prison  in 2010 after being convicted of several crimes against minor girls,Tony Alamo illegal transport rape sex assault including violating this law.
Father Alberto R. CutiƩ
When the scandal surfaced: 2009

The scandal: The Roman Catholic priest, author and TV host made headlines when photos of him with a woman were published in 2009 by a tabloid. The beach snapshots cost the Miami Beach cleric his parish, but he gained the real love he wrote about.Real life, real love by Father Alberto Cutie; now married with a wife.The Archdiocese of Miami says that Rev. Alberto Cutie, who appeared in compromising beach photos with a woman, was removed as head of the diocese's radio network in 2009.

A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese told the Associated Press that the Father Alberto Cutie is also no longer the pastor of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Miami Beach.

Cutie met privately with his superior and it has not been disclosed whether Cutie quit or was removed, Spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta said.
Jamal Bryant
When the scandal surfaced: 2007

The scandal: This megachurch pastor was an empowering force in Baltimore, but his marital status and allegations of having a sexual relationship with an underage church member in 2007 has tarnished his image. The high school dropout, who says he ascended to academic heights, garnered praise from a magazine and made TV appearances.
Juanita Bynum & Thomas Weeks III
When the scandal surfaced: 2007

The scandal: Known for her gospel singing  and her sermons and books about renouncing premarital sex, the prophetess had a fairy-tale wedding to an acclaimed preacher that turned into a nightmare when she accused him of this violent act in 2007. He pleaded guilty and was convicted . Now divorced, the evangelist is an advocate for this group and is married to another woman.juanita bynum no more sheets.bishop Thomas Weeks III aggravated assault.Thomas Weeks III three years probation 200 hours community service
Coy Privette
When the scandal surfaced: 2007

The scandal: Charges of soliciting the services of a "lady of the evening" led to the downfall of the retired Baptist minister and former North Carolina lawmaker (what office did he hold?). A vocal opponent of these issues, he quit his leadership post at a Christian group and later faced his day in court and after entering a guilty plea.coy privette prostitution,coy privette four terms north carolina House,Christian Action League ,coy privette 48 hours community service counseling
Ted Haggard
When the scandal surfaced: 2006

The scandal: The former senior pastor lost his 14,000-member megachurch in 2006 after rumors of a relationship with a male prostitute. He later partially admitted guilt with a quasi-confession.  A male church volunteer made an accusation against the preacher in 2009. New Life Church haggard,Ted Haggard sexual immorality: hired male prostitute, male volunteer sexual relationship,Pastor Ted Haggard, Details of the affair: The former megachurch leader – whose wife wrote a memoir about their ordeal – reportedly paid a man for sex over three years and bought but did not use drugs.

Haggard confessed in 2006 to “sexual immortality” and to being “a deceiver and a liar,” the Associated Press reported.The alleged other man: The former prostitute Mike Jones also went on to write a book about their relationship: Mike Jones "i had to say something"

New acccusations surfaced against Haggard regarding a male Church volunteer in 2009. Haggard admited second relationship and said: I am a deceiver and a liar.
Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr.
When the scandal surfaced: 2003

The scandal: The former Lutheran minister of a church in Marshall, Texas, was sent to prison in 2003  after being convicted of charges of sexually assaulting boys. In 2004, abuse victims who filed lawsuits reached multi-million dollar settlements.Good Shepherd Lutheran Church marshall texas,Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr. prison 397 years,Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr. "total payout" $69 million

Father John J. Geoghan
When the scandal surfaced: 2003

The scandal: During his 30-year career in six parishes, the Massachusetts priest was accused of sexual abuse involving more than 100 children. With each accusation, he was moved to a new parish. While serving a prison sentence (how long?) for molesting a boy, he was killed in 2003. +Father John J. Geoghan sexual abuse of more than 130 children,john geoghan nine to 10 years prison molesting a boy,john geoghan strangled by inmate
Paul Crouch
When the scandal surfaced: 1998

The scandal: The founder of this network was embroiled in scandal after reports that he paid a former male employee to end a certain type of lawsuit in 1998. Did Crouch admit to the alleged sexual encounter?,trinity broadcasting network,Enoch Lonnie Ford paul crouch $425,000,paul crouch denies accusations
Jimmy Swaggart
When the scandal surfaced: 1988

The scandal: After this Assemblies of God televangelist exposed the sexual misdeeds of two fellow televangelists, the finger of accusation turned back onto him. When light was shed on his adulterous liaison with a prostitute, Swaggart made a public confession and stepped down from his pulpit in 1988. The preacher was caught in a compromising position three years later by California police.assemblies of god,Marvin Gorman Jim Bakker,jimmy swaggart confession and I have sinned against you, my Lord,jimmy swaggart 1991 prostitute
Jim Bakker
When the scandal surfaced: 1987

The scandal: With his then-wife Tammy Faye Bakker, the former Assemblies of God minister hosted "The PTL Club" Christian TV program. A sex scandal with a church employee led to his resignation from the ministry in 1987 and the demise of his empire. But various financial crimes led to a long-term prison sentence, which was later voided and reduced.Tammy Faye Bakker,The PTL Club,heritage usa,jim bakker fraud conspiracy,jim bakker 45 years,jim bakker 45 years voided reduced
Peter Popoff
When the scandal surfaced: 1986

The scandal: The self-proclaimed faith healer laid hands on believers at his worldwide revivals, saying that he had divine knowledge about the illnesses of his audience members. But two skeptics exposed how his wife fed him information about the attendees. Since filing for bankruptcy in the late 1980s, he has made several comebacks.Peter Popoff divine revelation,Peter Popoff radio receiver healings,Peter Popoff files bankruptcy,Peter Popoff comeback
 Bob Moorehead
When the scandal surfaced: 1970s

The scandal: Though denying allegations of sexual molestation of boys during the 1970s, the pastor stepped down from his nondenominational church in 1998 after 29 years of leadership. The pastor, who vocally opposed homosexuality, was initially exonerated in the church probe, but the church later found evidence of guilt. Moorehead later was charged with a public sexual act  in Florida but was exonerated. Overlake Christian Church,Rev. Bob Moorehead "horrible, perverted, reprehensible",bob moorehead masturbating public restroom

Aimee Semple McPherson
When the scandal surfaced: 1926

The scandal: This early-20th-century itinerate evangelist  began as a Pentecostal preacher's wife before going into the ministry herself after her husband died. She founded an evangelical Christian denomination and settled in Los Angeles, where she built a temple in 1923. Three years later, the dynamic preacher disappeared while swimming but reappeared in another state. Her story left police in doubt. Robert Semple preacher,International Church of the Foursquare Gospel,Angelus Temple,Aimee Semple McPherson disappeared swimming,Aimee Semple McPherson kidnapped held hostage mexican desert

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