Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kim K. buys Taylor jewels

Kim K. buys Taylor jewels

Kim K. buys Taylor jewels,Kim Kardashian, in the midst of getting a divorce from former NBA player Kris Humphries, took time out to bid on the late Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection. Kardashian reportedly bought three jade and diamond bracelets  for $65,000.
Kim Kardashian paid $65,000 to buy three bracelets that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor's collection of rare and expensive pieces of jewelry was auctioned off on Wednesday in New York City.

According to a report from TMZ, Kim outbid several jewelry enthusiasts in order the win the bracelets, which are made of diamonds and jade.

Elizabeth Taylor and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appeared together in a magazine article shortly before Taylor's death. Kardashian idolized the Hollywood star and wanted to be
sure to have a piece or two or her infamous history.

Kim Kardashian doesn't actually have Elizabeth Taylor's bracelets yet. Once the paid auction items are processed through the auction house, she will take receipt of them--quite likely within the next few days.

Some people believe that jade harnesses energy and that's yet another reason for Kim Kardashian bidding on Elizabeth Taylor's bracelets. She could use a bit of positive energy, in light of her present scandal involving her marriage of 72 days to Kris Humphries.

Dropping $65,000 on three bracelets is more proof positive that Kim Kardashian doesn't understand how someone like Kris Humphries lives. Not raised with that kind of cash on hand, his upbringing was far more humble than Kim's. The couple's lavish wedding must have felt almost obscene to someone like Kris.

Hopefully Kim K gets lots of pleasure from the bracelets she bought from Liz Taylor's estate. Since announcing her plans to divorce Kris Humphries, it doesn't appear as though Kim has enjoyed much of anything.

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